What kind of magazine does a Remington Model 742 have?

What kind of magazine does a Remington Model 742 have?

It features a straight 4 round magazine, a 10-round magazine and even a rare 20 round magazine. and side ejection port as well as a free-floating barrel. It also uses the same action as the Remington 1100 series shotguns design, with both having the parent gun the venerable 870 series. In 1981 the Model 742 was replaced by the Model 7400 .

When did Remington make the.280 caliber rifle?

Twenty years after its introduction hunters finally began to realize that the .280 was a strong contender as an all-round medium game cartridge and for a brief period, during the late 1980’s, demand for .280 caliber M700 rifles exceeded production.

When did the Remington 740 semi auto come out?

At the inception, the Remington model 740 semi-auto was named the Woodsmaster, and came with a 22″ barrel with a detachable 4 shot box magazine, being introduced in 1955, three years AFTER it’s companion, the 760 pump. This model 740 was probably only initially produced in 30-06.

What kind of recoil does a.280 Remington wildcat have?

The combination of high BC’s combined with mild recoil, have made the .280 and .280 Ackley Improved wildcat, highly favored cartridges for long range hunters wanting to build light and set limits on recoil accordingly, recoil to both the shooter and rifle platform.

What kind of magazine does a Remington 750 use?

Fits the following models: *The 7600 series rifle and the new 750 rifle, will not hold the bolt open on the last round. Shooting Supply Co, provides a 10-shot oversized magazine for the following calibers .30-06/ .270/ .35 Whelen/ .280 in 1955 and was later changed to the model 742 in 1960, which also introduced a variety of calibers.

What kind of magazines are available for Remington?

Aside from Remington, you can also buy brands like Whelen, Colyer, and Ram-Line just to name a few. Each company makes several variations of interchangeable magazines containing a wide range of rounds. There are also several other Remington gun models that are interchangeable with the Remington 742 Woodsmaster 30-06 magazine.

What kind of magazine does a Remington 522 Viper use?

| Remington 522 Viper Semi-Auto Rifle Magazine. 22 LR, 10 Round This is an original.22 LR. 10 round magazine for the Remington 522 Viper semi-auto rifle. It is cast steel construction with a gray finish, red follower, and black plastic floorplate. It is in good used condition with some scratches and nicks. Prohibited in New York City.

What was the serial number for the Model 742?

The initial Model 742 serial number sequence began at 1001 and ended at 396562. The new began at 6900000. 7400. However, sales continued well into 1981 to clean out warehouse stock. Only grades. were carbines. A percentage of sales by both the autoloader Model 742 and the pump action Model 760. By 1976 development way.

When was the Model 742 Woodsmaster last used?

In 1981, the Model 742 was replaced by the Model 7400 . A 742 chambered in 30-06 was used by the sniper in the Action-Thriller Two-Minute Warning . ^ a b c d e “Model 742 Woodsmaster”.

How much does a Remington Model 740 cost?

Both the Models Four and 7400 retained the original Model 742 specifications of. an overall length of 42 inches, a barrel of 22 inches, and weight of 7 ½ pounds. The. Model 7400 cost $399.95 and the Model Four $449.95.