When did Remington stop making the Model 6?

When did Remington stop making the Model 6?

Find yourself one in 6MM. As I note in my book on Autoloading and Pump-Action Rifles Remington had three grades, each having a different name, of pump rifles in 1984 — Models 76, 7600 and Six. It was not the best marketing strategy and by 1988 the Models 76 and Six were dropped.

How much does a Remington rolling block rifle cost?

The 12 month average price is $657.97 used. The used value of a REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK rifle has fallen ($112.41) dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $687.59 . The demand of new REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK rifle’s has not changed over the past 12 months.

How many Remington Model 6s were chambered for 6mm?

Only 2.9% of the 36,236 Model Sixes were chambered for the 6mm Remington. I have one of the model 6s in 6mm. what a great gun. any idea of its value?

What was the last Remington single shot rifle?

This is a Remington 1902 Model 6 .22 caliber Single Shot Rolling Block Rifle. This classic rifle was the last of the rolling block models from Remington. The patent date reads July 22, 1902 on the left side of the receiver.

When did the Remington Model 4 come out?

The Remington Model 4 is a rolling block, solid-breech, hammerless, takedown, top-ejection rifle. This gun, designed by F.A. Houghton, J.O. Simpson, and O.H. Loomis, was introduced in 1890 and produced through 1933.

What was the price of a 1981 Remington Model 6?

1981 Remington (U.S.) Model 6 Slide-Action Detachable Magazine Rifle (repeater/ breech-loading/ smokeless powder/ cartridge ammunition) The Remington Model 6 slide-action became a collector’s item when it was discontinued in 1987, six years after its issue. At the time its price ranged from $439 to $7,079.

What kind of rifle was made by Remington?

In addition to the M1911 semi-automatic pistol, the Browning Model 1917 heavy machine gun, and the Model 1917 bolt-action rifle, Remington also manufactured the Pedersen device. This was an early attempt to increase the firepower of individual infantry troops armed with the Springfield Model 1903 rifle.