When did Savage start using AccuTrigger?

When did Savage start using AccuTrigger?

2002. Savage introduces the AccuTrigger.

Does Savage Model 11 have AccuTrigger?

Any Savage Model 11 should have a three-position safety, and an AccuTrigger system that is fully adjustable by the end-user. The safety sits high on the tang of the rifle and is very easy to actuate, and the AccuTrigger system is fully adjustable with a kit that comes with the rifle out of the box.

Which Savage has AccuStock?

The AccuStock will come standard on all Model 110 Specialty and Big Game Series rifles and consists of a rigid chassis imbedded in the stock that engages the action three-dimensionally along its entire length, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

What guns have AccuTrigger?

Since then, Thompson/Center, Marlin, Mossberg, Weatherby, and others incorporated user-adjustable triggers on a lot of rifles; and Remington (X-Mark Pro), Ruger (LC6), Winchester (MOA), and Browning (Feather) named new trigger designs in an attempt to win back some of the market share they’d lost to Savage.

Is the AccuTrigger a two stage trigger?

Simply put, AccuTrigger is a two-stage adjustable trigger.

When did the Savage AccuStock trigger come out?

In 2002, the company started selling a factory-installed, safe, user-adjustable trigger, called the AccuTrigger. The AccuStock, an aluminum stock embedded rail system to further enhance action stability and accuracy, was introduced by Savage in 2009.

When did Savage come out with the AccuFit system?

In addition to the AccuFit system, the new model 110s will still come standard with the patented user-adjustable AccuTrigger developed by Savage arms in 2002. The AccuTrigger offers a crisp, creep-free trigger-pull and also adds another layer of safety by preventing the firearm from discharging if dropped.

What kind of rifle is Savage AccuTrigger for?

The AccuTrigger will first be available on Savage’s varmint and tactical rifles. With the new AccuTrigger, Savage has just left other manufacturers in the dust. It will be interesting to see what the others will offer while trying to play catch-up. Hopefully, this will start a new trend toward better triggers for precision shooters.

When was the Savage Model 110 rifle made?

First introduced in 1958 the 110 has served hunters and target shooters as a budget friendly, accurate and durable bolt action rifle. In fact, it is the oldest continuously manufactured rifle in North America.