Are there any records of Winchester 1885 calibers?

Are there any records of Winchester 1885 calibers?

I conducted a caliber survey of the Model 1885 a few years ago (it took me more than 10-years to complete it). Question 3; No, Winchester did not keep specific records of the caliber production totals.

What are the model numbers of a Winchester rifle?

List of Winchester models 1 Year-model numbers 1866-1912 2 Sequential Model Numbers (Rifles) 1919-39. 3 Non-sequential model numbers (rifles) 1949-63. 4 Model numbers (shotguns) 1919-63 5 Model numbers (shotguns) 1964-2006. 6 See also 7 Notes. 8 Bibliography. 9 External links. …

When did the Winchester 1500 shotgun come out?

Model 1500 (1978) semi-automatic shotgun (Model 1400 variant) The Winchester 1300 shotgun was first introduced in around 1981, when the US Repeating Arms Company (USRAC) took over production of the ‘Winchester’ brand guns from the Olin / Winchester corporation.

When did the Winchester Model 1881 come out?

Winchester had developed the Model 1876, but it could not accommodate the .45-70 Government and similar cartridges, while Marlin was building its Model 1881 that could. Bennett expressed great interest in Browning’s new repeater and groomed the relationship for future dealings.

How much does a 1890 Winchester rifle cost?

$ 1,175. Winchester 1890 22 Short clean rifle! 24″ Octagon barrel. This is by far the nicest 1890 I have ever had come though my shop. Winchester 1890, 22 short, 24″ Octagon barrel, good bore, good working order, all factory original finish. SN is 8236xx. Email …Click for more info

What kind of cartridges did the Winchester 1886 use?

In many respects the Model 1886 was a true American express rifle, as it could be chambered in the more powerful black powder cartridges of the day, proving capable of handling not only the .45-70 but also .45-90 and the huge .50-110 Express “buffalo” cartridges. The action was strong enough that a nickel – steel barrel was…

What was the cartridge for the Winchester Model 1873?

With the introduction of single-action Colt pistol in 1878, chambered for the same cartridge, the individual had the convenience of a pistol for protection and accuracy of the Winchester for food and protection. The .44-40 was the standard cartridge for Model 1873.