Are Westlake tires good?

Are Westlake tires good?

At normal speeds, all Westlake tires perform well. They work very well on dry roads and work better than other cheap tires on wet roads. While premium tires will last even longer, you won’t find another low-cost option that lasts this long. Most Westlake tires provide a comfortable and quiet driving experience.

What company owns Westlake tires?

Tireco, Inc.
WestLake Tires offer an expansive line that covers Passenger, Performance, Light Truck, SUV, and CUV applications, all created by one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. Marketed by Tireco, Inc., a U.S.-based private brand marketer and distribution company.

Where are Westlake tires made?

Westlake tires are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, biggest tire manufacturing facility in China that has earned several awards, including recognition from the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Economic Commission of Europe (ECE).

Are Westlake tires all season?

Westlake all-season tires are designed for year-round performance in dry, wet and light snowy conditions. With lines like the RP18, SA07 or SU318 H/T, Westlake offers a wide variety of all-season tires that combine quality and value for your light truck, crossover or SUV.

Are Westlake tires all-season?

Are goodride and Westlake the same?

WESTLAKE, a brand for mainly for international market, is special designed based on the demand from local market and provides a wider variety of products including PCR, TBR, OTR, agricultural tires and so on. GOODRIDE tire is one of the major brands for the international markets.

Westlake Tires are a great choice if you need tires on a strict budget. While their tires don’t compete with premium brands like Goodyear, Sumitomo, or Firestone, Westlake tires are above-average in quality. The main goal of Westlake is to make sure that your vehicle has a set of tires at a fair price.

Who manufactures Westlake tires?

Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company manufactures Westlake’s tires at their state of the art manufacturing plant in China.

Where are tires made?

Many brands of tires are still manufactured in the United States despite consolidations in the tire manufacturing world. Some of the tire brands, which were initially made by U.S. companies, are now made by multi-national conglomerates that have manufacturing plants mostly located in the eastern United States.