Could a battleship survive an anti-ship missile?

Could a battleship survive an anti-ship missile?

A modern destroyer with its standard missile loadout would have trouble outright sinking a heavily armored battleship, but it would easily defeat the battleship with precision long-range missile fire.

Would a Harpoon missile sink a ww2 battleship?

While it may not sink the ship, the diving missile may likely achieve a mission kill at a minimum. Not really. The belt armour would provide good protection against a smaller, Western-style sea-skimming missile that was trying to hit just above the waterline (Exocet, or Harpoon if not using its terminal bunt).

Can missiles penetrate battleship armor?

One of the most heavily armored ships of all time, the Yamato-class battleship, had main belt of armour up to 410 millimetres (16.1 in) thick. Missiles can be highly accurate and penetrate even the thickest of armor, and thus warships now focus more on anti-missile technology instead of armor.

What can destroy a battleship?

Everything You Need to Know: 5 Ways to Kill a Battleship

  • Aircraft. The most prominent killer of battleships has been the airplane, or at least since 1939.
  • Surface ships. The ship that lives by the broadside dies by the broadside.
  • Submarines.
  • Mines.
  • Accident.

How much armor can a missile penetrate?

Most large anti-ship missiles (and a lot of the smaller ones) have shaped-charge warheads. The penetration of a shaped charge is approximately six times its diameter. That means that a small anti-ship missile (Harpoon, Exocet, Otomat, P-15 etc) can penetrate 54 – 72 inches of armor.

Can cruise missiles be used against ships?

It gives ships and submarines an extremely accurate, long-range, conventional land attack weapon. Each costs about US$1.99 million. UK conventional warhead versions were first fired in combat by the RN in 1999, during the Kosovo War (the United States fired cruise missiles in 1991).

Who builds the harpoon missile?

McDonnell Douglas Boeing Defense
Harpoon (missile)

Manufacturer McDonnell Douglas Boeing Defense, Space & Security
Unit cost US$1,406,812 for Harpoon Block II (2020)
No. built 7,500

Why are modern warships not armored?

Originally Answered: Why are modern warships not armored? Because they would not protect against modern threats anyway. Anti-ship missiles are the primary threat against warships today, and armour can easily be penetrated by these missiles.

Which ship sank the most ships in ww2?

USS Tang
With 33 ships sunk, the USS Tang sank the most tonnage of shipping in World War II for the United States. Its tonnage was revised from the Joint Army–Navy Assessment Committee (JANAC) report, which initially credited Tang with fewer sinkings.

How far can a JDAM penetrate?

It proved capable of penetrating over 50 meters (150 ft) of earth or 5 meters (15 ft) of solid concrete; this was demonstrated when a test bomb, bolted to a missile sled, smashed through 22 ft (6.7 m) of reinforced concrete and still retained enough kinetic energy to travel a mile downrange.

How do armor piercing bombs work?

Rifle armor-piercing ammunition generally carries its hardened penetrator within a copper or cupronickel jacket, similar to the jacket which would surround lead in a conventional projectile. Upon impact on a hard target, the copper case is destroyed, but the penetrator continues its motion and penetrates the target.

What kind of missiles can a battleship take?

Modern frigates can accurately rain missiles on the battleships from over 40 miles away. Far away from where a battleship wouldn’t even know they are there. Now take airpower. An F/A-18 can accurately drop smart bombs from an attitude of over 20k feet and miles away from a battleship.

How would a World War 2 Battleship fare against a modern navy?

The 16″ guns – the main weapons – typically had a range of around 20–25 miles, guided antiship missiles would have a range of several hundred miles and be much more accurate. Against a navy with naval air power, it would be worse, antiship missiles launched from all kinds of aircraft from all compass points fro… Loading…

What kind of weapon can sink a battleship?

The second weapon, of Modern warship that can sink a Battleship were Torpedoes. While Torpedoes have been dropped as primary weapon of 21st Century warship in favor of Missiles.

What kind of armour does the USS Missouri have?

USS Missouri’s belt armour is rated at 310mm and her thickest armour, on her turrets, is rated at 500mm. A M-1A2 tank has RHA rating of between 600mm and 1000mm in the front. That’s right.