How can the direction of rotation of separately excited DC motor be reversed?

How can the direction of rotation of separately excited DC motor be reversed?

Hence the direction rotation of the motor can be reversed by reversing the current through either the armature winding or the field coils. Now in the case of separately excited motor, the direction of the motor can be reversed by reversing the supply terminals of either field circuit or armature circuit.

Why does the generator voltage saturates even when the field current is increased?

Saturation of the magnetic field means that no more magnetic flux can be produced even with an increase in field current. The output voltage is directly proportional to the speed of the rotation and the strength of the magnetic field. As the speed of the rotor is increased, the output voltage will also increase.

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Can a DC motor change the direction of rotation?

What type of DC motor do you need to change direction of rotation by simply switching polarity? You can reverse the direction of rotation on any DC motor. Some of them require that you physically reconnect their windings, and that may require disassembling the motor first. Here are the most common DC motor designs:

Is there a way to change the direction of rotation?

You can use induction motor and can change the direction of rotation by changing two phase of its power supply. It will also be cheaper to use induction motor. If you want to drive the motor with just DC voltage and no special switching drivers required, you need a brushed DC motor (with permanent magnets).

How to reverse the direction of DC shunt motor?

From Equation (1), it is clear that the direction of the torque and the speed can be reversed by changing the direction of either the field current or armature current by changing the polarity of the DC voltage. However, this method is used for separately excited DC motor where it is possible to change the polarity of the field or armature.

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Can You revers the supply polarity of a DC motor?

If you cannot separate the field terminals and armature terminals, then reversing cannot be done. For a brushless DC motor, reversing the supply polarity won’t work and will possibly damage the motor. The electronic commutation needs to be reversible, which has to be part of the motor design.