How long was Shane and Lisa together?

How long was Shane and Lisa together?

It was an amazing three and a half year relationship.” Shane praised the sex with Lisa. “Sex with her was GREAT.

When did Shane date Lisa?

Lisa Schwartz and Shane Dawson were in a relationship from December 2011 to May 2015. They broke off their engagement around the time Dawson came out in July 2015.

Who did Shane Dawson use to date?

Ryland Adams
In 2008, at age 19, Dawson began making videos on YouTube and garnered over half a billion views by 2010….

Shane Dawson
Born Shane Lee Yaw July 19, 1988 Long Beach, California, U.S.
Occupation YouTuber actor writer director musician
Partner(s) Ryland Adams (2016–present; engaged)
YouTube information

Who did Shane date before Lisa?

Lisa Schwartz
Personal information
Born April 4, 1983 Tarzana, Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation YouTube personality, actress
Partner(s) Shane Dawson (2011–2015) Jeff Galante (2018–present)

What happened to Shane’s dog Corny?

Unicorn (Corny) Dawson is the dog of Shane Dawson and Lisa Schwartz. She often appears in Shane Dawson’s videos and she is in some of Lisa Schwartz’s videos. When Shane and Lisa ended their relationship, Shane decided to give up full custody of Corny. Her owners are now Lisa and Jeff.

Are Shane and Lisa still friends?

Shane and Lisa’s current partners are totally cool with their friendship. Shane got engaged to Ryland Adams in March 2019, and Lisa is in a relationship with comedian and actor Jeff Galante. The exes and their new partners all get along well. “I feel like all four of us are just happy,” Lisa said.

Are Lisa and Shane still friends?

Why did Lisa Schwartz and Shane Dawson break up?

Sudden break up of the loved Couple Lisa Schwartz and Shane Dawson: Know the reason here. Updated On 03 Jun, 2019 Published On 27 Sep, 2016. YouTube star, Shane Dawson who has more than six million viewers shocked his fans when he came out as bisexual, back in 2015.

What’s the name of Shane Dawson’s next YouTube video?

The design is due to be revealed in Shane’s next YouTube video. When it comes to YouTube drama, Shane and Jeffree have seen their fair share of controversies over their years in the public eye.

What is happening between Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star?

Even more drama for your nerves… (Pictures: Getty) The YouTubers and long-time friends Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson have shared some strong words after a disagreement seen in Shane’s YouTube video, The Failure Of Jeffree Star And Shane Dawson.

When did Shane Dawson and Garret Watts break up?

Shane Dawson had a relationship with a fellow social media star Garret Watts in January 2017. They frequently collaborated in videos that they posted on youtube channels. Their relationship did not last long; it ended shortly after it began The beautiful 35 years old actress Lisa Schwartz dated Shane Dawson from December 2011 to July 2015.

Why did Shane Dawson break up with Lisa?

“Did you break up because you needed to explore who you are?” Shane was asked on the podcast. Shane denied that was the case. “The whole sexuality thing was a VERY SMALL part of it.” Lisa, Shane and Corny celebrate Thanksgiving. (Photo: Instagram) “No,” he replied. “That’s the one regret I have with both of our videos.

When did Shane Dawson and Lisa Schwartz start dating?

Their relationship started in 2011, just a few short months after Shane joined YouTube. That seems like a lifetime ago! The couple dated for about 4 and a half years until 2014 when they decided to split. Now that gives us a major throwback to when times were simpler.

What did Shane Dawson say on Alison Rosen podcast?

Shane Dawson recently went on Alison Rosen’s podcast and spilled about practically everything. He said that his bisexual reveal had very little to do with his breakup – and even talked about his bedroom antics with ex Lisa.

Who is Lisa Schwartz still good friends with?

Shane must have appreciated the words from Lisa. They might not be a couple anymore but their bond of friendship is still alive and Lisa is happy to show her support towards Shane’s confession. Shane with former girlfriend Lisa “Lisbug” Schwartz. Not only this, but Lisa is also good friends with Ryland Adams, Shane’s current boyfriend.