How much is a Savage Model 110 30 06 Worth?

How much is a Savage Model 110 30 06 Worth?

What is a SAVAGE 110 rifle Worth? A SAVAGE 110 rifle is currently worth an average price of $805.20 new and $554.96 used .

What caliber is a SAVAGE 110?


Savage 110 Long Range Hunter:
Caliber(s): 6.5 Creedmoor; .260 Rem; .308 Win; .300 WSM; .338 Federal
Capacity: 4+1 (2+1 in .300 WSM)
Rifling: 1:8″; 1:8″; 1:10″; 1:10″; 1:10″
Finish: Matte Black Barrel

Does SAVAGE 110 have AccuTrigger?

The Savage 110 Varmint is designed for shooting coyotes and other varmints. The Varmint is equipped with both AccuTrigger and AccuStock features; This allows shooters to personalize trigger-pull weight, stock comb height, and length of pull.

What’s the price of a Savage Model 110?

But that didn’t work out because the price was raised to $109.95, so the rifle became the Savage Model 110. Fifty-seven years and 4.7 million rifles later, it is the longest continuously produced bolt action rifle in America.

What kind of rifle is Savage Model 10?

The Model 10 is the short-action hunting rifle. The Model 110 is the long-action hunting rifle. The Model 16 rifles are short-action synthetic and stainless steel for harsh weather hunting. In the long action they are called Model 116.

When did the savage competition rifle come out?

A competition rifle introduced in 1996. Features 26″ blackened stainless steel barrel and custom target style laminated stock, with adjustable cheek-rest. Chambered for .223 or .308 cartridges. Weight about 11 lbs. Barrel is pillar bedded. Long range target/tactical rifle in .338 Lapua Magnum.

How much does a Savage Arms Model 112 weigh?

Configuration weight about: 10.5 lbs. BV; 9 lbs. FV. Laminated wood stock, with high comb and ambidextrous palm swell. Fitted with stainless steel barrel, bolt and trigger guard.