Is AK-47 louder than ar15?

Is AK-47 louder than ar15?

It really depends on the style of muzzle device used, and if you are indoors or outdoors. I would say that the AR with the birdcage is louder than an AK with the slant brake. +1 the AR is going to be louder, with a slightly higher pitch crack.

How many dB is an AK-47?

The M16 does around 155-157 dB and the AK-47 does 159 dB I think. The M249 SAW does 160 dB.

How loud is an M4 carbine?

From a range of four to six feet, a M4 carbine, M249 squad automatic weapon, or M240 medium machine gun is between 159 to 164 decibels in loudness. Such loud noises cause immediate temporary hearing loss and contribute to permanent hearing loss over the long term.

What is the loudest gun in decibels?

The 357 Smith and Wesson and 44 magnum revolvers are known to be the loudest and even louder than some rifles. Each produces 169 and 165 peak decibels, respectively. It’s imperative to understand that the .

Is an AK louder than an AR?

The AK-47 is about as loud as any other rifle chambered for 7.62 x 39. It probably a little louder than the AR-15 because it fires a round with a larger amount of propellant.

Is the AK-47 louder than the M4 carbine?

From what I have read the AK-47 is slightly louder than the M4 but not by much. The M16 does around 155-157 dB and the AK-47 does 159 dB I think. The M249 SAW does 160 dB. The M16 has a higher pitched noise like a sharp loud crack while the AK-47 is a lower frequency like a boom.

What kind of ammunition does an AK 47 use?

Since we’re talking about the AK rifles, we’re working with 7.62×39 caliber ammunition. There are AK platforms in other calibers, ranging from 9mm to 12 gauge, but in terms of ballistics, let’s keep things simple and refer to the original caliber of the AK-47.

Is the M4 carbine a knock down Weapon?

The m4 carbine even as an automatic weapon and short barrel still does not have the kinetic energy or “knock-down power” of other military weapons. If it did, why don’t hunters use it? (Other than on groundhogs or other small game.) It’s time for a change and a step up. There are so many different types of weapons out there other than the 5.56.

How long has the AK 47 been around?

The AK series has been around for over 70 years and has been produced in the tens of millions on at least four continents but on the inside, they still have the same reliable action that has made the gun famous. (Photo: U.S. Army Archives via Springfield Armory National Historic Site)