Is card an input device?

Is card an input device?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. A card reader is a data input device that reads data from a card-shaped storage medium. Modern card readers are electronic devices that can read plastic cards embedded with either a barcode, magnetic strip, computer chip or another storage medium.

Are network cards input or output?

For instance, a keyboard or computer mouse is an input device for a computer, while monitors and printers are output devices. Devices for communication between computers, such as modems and network cards, typically perform both input and output operations.

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Is a credit card reader an input or output device?

A computer punched card reader or just computer card reader is a computer input device used to read computer programs in either source or executable form and data from punched cards. It is a input device and also an output device.

What is ATM input or output device?

The input device for an ATM is a card reader, which initially identifies the account. Some ATMs have a camera to record transactions, a useful tool to combat fraud. The output devices include a currency dispenser, receipt printer, speaker, electronic audit printer, and display screen.

What do expansion cards do on a computer?

Expansion Card: An expansion card is an electronic card/board that is used to add extra functionality to a computer. It is inserted into an expansion slot on the motherboard of a computer. Expansion cards contain edge connectors that are used to create an electronic link between motherboard and card]

Is a network card an input or output device or both?

Networks requires a request from a device then a router arbitrates an IP address for communications. Unless the network has a fixed IP address. Then the network will allow your device to receive data this is your INPUT after the device has received the data stream it sends a message to the server it is connected to and this is your OUTPUT.

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What is the expansion bus in a computer?

An expansion busis a computer buswhich moves information between the internal hardware of a computer system (including the CPU and RAM) and peripheral devices. It is a collection of wires and protocolsthat allows for the expansion of a computer.

Which is an external output device of a computer?

2. Printer- It is an electronic external output device of the computer. The printer prints the data from a soft copy (digital data) to a hard copy on the computer. Such as to print signs, office documents, PPT, and business establishments as per the page size.