What happened to the Pancor jackhammer?

What happened to the Pancor jackhammer?

The original proof-of-concept prototype was kept by Anderson and later sold to Movie Gun Services, who rented it to comic book, video game, and movie companies. This is now the sole surviving functional prototype Jackhammer in the world. The weapon was later auctioned off at Morphy Auctions.

How much is the Pancor jackhammer worth?

It should be noted that these impressive looking firearms appeared in several action movies as prop guns throughout the early 2000s. Pancor Jackhammer makes an appearance in Max Payne. Anderson perfected his design by 2000 and has had the concept up for sale for $350,000 since then, without takers.

Why was the Pancor jackhammer rejected?

Due to the complexity firing mechanism lack of Versatility and heavyweight it was mostly an interesting though rejected project that ended when the US DOD testing took an unfavorable turn and the US State Department declined to allow sale to the various organizations interested in the project.

Is a Jackhammer a weapon?

The Pancor Corporation Jackhammer is a 12-gauge, blow-forward gas-operated bullpup automatic shotgun designed in 1984 and patented in 1987. Nonetheless, its distinctive aesthetics and futuristic design have made it a prop in action films, television programs, and video games.

How many Pancor jackhammer exist?

Pancor Jackhammer

Pancor Jackhammer Mk3A2
No. built 3 (2 were destroyed in testing)
Mass 7.9 kg (17 lb)
Length 787 mm (31.0 in)

What does a jackhammer do?

It is generally used like a hammer to break the hard surface or rock in construction works and it is not considered under earth moving equipment, along with its accessories (i.e., pusher leg, lubricator). In British English, electromechanical versions are colloquially known as “Kangos”.

When did the Pancor Jackhammer shotgun come out?

Pancor Jackhammer. The Pancor Corporation Jackhammer was a 12-gauge, blow-forward gas-operated bullpup automatic shotgun designed in 1984 and patented in 1987.

Is the Pancor Jackhammer still in the world?

What makes a Pancor Jackhammer a cassette magazine?

The cylinder of the Jackhammer, also called a “cassette magazine”, features grooves (on the proof-of-concept prototype owned by Movie Gun Services) or two sets of recesses (on the patent design and the MK3 mockup), which allows it to rotate when firing in a manner similar to the Webley-Fosbery automatic revolver.

How does a Pancor Jackhammer charge and fire?

The Jackhammer has a charging handle in the forward grip to charge the weapon and a cocking lever in the buttstock to recock the firing mechanism in case of light strikes to the primer. For reloading, the cylinder was removed from the bottom of its housing and shells were manually extracted.