What is OBYC table in SAP?

What is OBYC table in SAP?

OBYC (C FI Table T030) is a standard SAP transaction code available within R/3 SAP systems depending on your version and release level.

What is BSX and WRX in SAP?

BSX and WRX are transaction event keys, these are used in automatic account determination when you will do goods receipt. When you will do goods receipt for stock material two postings will happen. BSX- stock posting (debited)+ WRX-GR/IR clearing account(credited)- When you are posting the invoice.

What is PRD account in SAP?

The PRD transaction key is used for materials that are valuated at Standard Price (Price Control S) also be used for materials that are valuated at Moving average price (Price Control V) for Goods Movements and Invoices with a price that differs from the standard price.

What is VKOA TCode SAP?

VOFA (Billing Doc: Document Type) is a standard SAP parameter transaction code that is used to maintain the contents of V_TVFK database table. It does this by executing the table maintenance t-code SM30 in edit mode, assuming you have the appropriate authorisations.

What is the transaction key BSX in SAP?

Stock posting (BSX) – This transaction is used for all postings to stock accounts. Such postings are effected, for example: In inventory management in the case of goods receipts to own stock and goods issues from own stock.

What is SD and FI in SAP?

As we know about the module MM, FI and SD in SAP ERP. MM stands for Material Management, FI standard for Financial Accounting, SD stands for Sales and Distribution. We know MM modules means procure to pay process, FI module means financial statement and payment process, SD module means sale to customer process.

What is GBB auf in SAP?

GBB-AUF – during goods received from Order (without account assignment) debit inventory and credit COGM.

What is PRD account?

PRD accounts are not used for Standard Price alone but will be posted to even MAP materials in the case of negative stock values and price differences due to certain tasks. So assigning a PRD Account is mandatory in OBYC even if you use do not procure Standard Price materials externally.

What is GBB Vka?

The GBB-VKA will trigger. VKA: for sales order account assignment (for example, for individual purchase order) Check. G/L account was blocked for posting in comp. code – Tfr posting 411/Q.

What is the obyc transaction code in SAP?

OBYC is a configuration transaction code you use to set up the General Ledger accounts for various types of automatic postings. This is generically called Account Determination and is part of FI configuration.

What does obyc stand for in Fi configuration?

This is generically called Account Determination and is part of FI configuration. OBYC stands for Configure Automatic Postings. When you enter a transaction for the Inventory Management and Invoice Verification it simultaneously updated in Financial and Controlling documents in respective modules by means of G/L accounts.

How do you assign G / L accounts in obyc?

You must assign G/L accounts for each transaction/event key (except KBS). You can assign these accounts manually or copy them from another chart of accounts via Edit -> Copy. If you want to differentiate posting transactions (e.g. inventory postings) according to valuation classes, you must make an account assignment for each valuation class.

Is the obyc GBB transaction key BSX orgbb?

Note that for valuated sales order stock and project stock (special stock E and Q) and for the transaction/event keys BSX andGBB, you must maintain an account determination to avoid receiving warning messages when entering data (purchase order or transfer posting) for valuated stock.