What is the latest Exchange Server version?

What is the latest Exchange Server version?

Exchange 2019
Exchange 2019 is the latest version of Microsoft Exchange Server. There are a host of features upgraded from the previous Exchange Server versions.

Is Exchange Server going away?

With Exchange Server vNext, Microsoft is phasing out the on-premise delivery model, making Exchange Server 2019 the last on-premise product version. As part of the subscription model, customers will receive support, product updates, and security and time zone patches.

Is exchange going away?

Also, Exchange Server 2016 will hit its end of mainstream support date this October 13. The last generally available planned update for Exchange Server 2016 is due to arrive this December. Meanwhile, extended support for that solution will continue on until October 14, 2025.

Do I need an Exchange server?

Unless you’re running a large company that wants to install, host and maintain Microsoft Exchange Server on its own equipment, you generally don’t need to purchase an Exchange Server license. Microsoft Office 365 home plans include Outlook and the ability to manage your email from any provider.

What are the different versions of Microsoft Exchange?

Server licenses: A license must be assigned for each Exchange server. The Server license is sold in two server editions: Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. Client Access licenses (CALs): Exchange also comes in two CAL editions, which are referred to as a Standard CAL and an Enterprise CAL.

Can you mix and match Exchange Server editions?

You can mix and match the Exchange server editions with the CAL types. For example, you can use Enterprise CALs with Standard Edition or Standard CALs with Enterprise Edition. For more information about Exchange license types, see Licensing.

Is it important to set up Microsoft Exchange Server?

Administering your Exchange Server setup is just as important as setting it up in the first place. When it comes to this aspect of the software, Microsoft has made it a lot easier.

Can you change Microsoft Exchange to standard edition?

You can use a valid product key to move from Standard Edition to Enterprise Edition. You can’t use a valid product key to downgrade from Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition or revert to the Trial Edition. You can only do these types of downgrades by uninstalling Exchange, reinstalling Exchange, and entering the correct product key.