What kind of shotgun is Remington Sportsman 58?

What kind of shotgun is Remington Sportsman 58?

» Remington Shotguns Last Thursday I traded a friend a 870 express for his sportsman 58. I think this was a pretty good trade. I have just finished cleaning it, some parts were so dirty I had to soak them for 3 days in hoppes.

How often do you clean a Remington Sportsman 58?

I shot a 58 for about a year and it worked well all the time. I cleaned it with a dry rag until the cup in the piston filled up with residue. Only had to clean out that cup once every 5,000 shells. Used Universal Clays and Clay Dot powder. The Clay Dot load (16.5 grains, 1-1/8 oz) would drop the empties right next to me.

How big is the barrel on a Remington Sportsman?

The grip cap is factory. Mine has the same cap, except it has a gold wash on it. Thanks for the info guys, that helps me alot. the gun is a 12 gauge 30″ plain barrel full choke according to the barrel code it was made March 64.

Why does my Remington Sportsman hang up every other shot?

Secondly, the gun hangs up about every other shot. It has done this since the day my father bought it. As the breach is closing, it will catch the empty shell. It leaves you standing there with an empty shell sticking out the side of your gun. The gun has gone virtually un-used for most of the last 50 years.

What was the first semi automatic Remington shotgun?

The Model 58 was Remington’s first gas-operated, semi-automatic shotgun. It featured a magazine cap that you turned to adjust the size of the gas ports to allow the appropriate amount of gas to cycle the action for light and heavy loads.

Is the grip cap on a Remington Sportsman 878?

I think there were some with plain wood, but IIRC, they all had the hunting scenes on the receiver. The 878 was the plain Jane that followed the 58. Yes the grip cap is Remington it had small dings on the edge that I sanded out and went over the dog and bird with a sanding sponge then polished the metal.