What kind of stock does a Fieldmaster 572 use?

What kind of stock does a Fieldmaster 572 use?

The Fieldmaster 572 comes in two grades: a standard model and the BDL ‘Custom Deluxe’, which was the one I tested. This rifle features the usual high-grade American walnut stock, with custom chequering on the pistol grip and fore-end.

When did the Remington 572 Fieldmaster come out?

The rifle was bought new in 1959 and used for about a year. It then was taken on a hunting, fishing trip. While fishing, the owner and his brother, took the rifle apart to clean it.

What does a Remington 572 Mag tube look like?

The Mag tube is nickel plated, as is the action bar. The butt plate looks like shiny aluminum on the sides with black anodizing on the ribbed back end with the Remington at the top, just below the screw hole. Top of receiver is grooved for scope mounts. It’s in 99% condition.

Is the cross bolt safety on a Fieldmaster?

The Fieldmaster has a cross bolt safety fitted. In the ‘safe’ position, the trigger is firmly locked. In the ‘fire’ position, a red band is clearly visible. The problem comes when the shooter has finished and wishes to remove any remaining rounds from the rifle.

A lightweight version known as the Remington Model 572 Fieldmaster was introduced in 1957. Remington was able to shave 1 pound from the total weight of the M572A by using aluminium to manufacture the receiver, trigger guard, buttplate, and barrel (although the barrel incorporated a steel insert).

What kind of bushing does a Remington 572 rimfire use?

This Remington manufactured rear sight windage screw is for the BDL Grade model 572 Fieldmaster slid.. This Remington manufactured receiver bushing is for the model 572 Fieldmaster slide action rimfire r..

What kind of magazine follower does a Remington 572 use?

This Remington manufactured locking bar retaining screw is for the model 572 Fieldmaster slide actio.. This Remington manufactured late variation metal magazine follower is for the model 572 Fieldmaster .. This Remington manufactured magazine pin is for the model 572 Fieldmaster slide action rimfire rifle..