Are gunsmiths still a thing?

Are gunsmiths still a thing?

Gunsmiths are still needed: hobbyists who don’t own expensive tools like lathes and bluing tanks need access to gunsmiths. Also, from time to time guns need repair. Of course gunsmiths will always be needed. If for no other reason, Bubba is alive and well when it comes to tinkering with firearms.

Is it OK to use wd40 on a gun?

WD-40 is a solvent and NOT a lubricant. Because it evaporates so quickly WD-40 does not function well as a lubricant in guns. Between the time you spray it on the chamber or slide and the time you load your rounds and start firing, it would almost certainly be evaporated, leaving your gun bone dry.

Where are the best gunsmiths in the UK?

Greenwood Gunsmiths was established in the south east of England some 40 years ago by Tim Greenwood where he worked for many of the major retailers as well as some of the best game and clay shots in the UK. Greenwood Gunsmiths do not buy and sell guns to maintain an unbiased reputation for advice regarding the best guns to shoot.

What kind of gun is a Smith Gun?

If you would like a custom, accurate 1911, SMITH GUN is where you will get one. Ours are guaranteed to group less than one (1) inch at twenty-five yards in a Ransom Rest. SMITH GUN also offers a variety of gun finishes.

Where can I work to become a gunsmith?

Gunsmiths have a wide variety of places where they can work. Gun manufacturers, law enforcement agencies, and independently owned gun shops are just a few of the employment opportunities for a gunsmith. In order to become part of the gunsmith network, consider joining a professional organization made up of gunsmiths all over the country.

Can a gunsmith build a world class rifle?

That does NOT mean they’re second-class, but also just because someone is a “gunsmith” doesn’t mean they can build a world-class, precision rifle. Not all gunsmiths are created equal!