Does Remington make a 350 legend?

Does Remington make a 350 legend?

Using the same case head diameter of the . 223 Remington at a length of 1.71-inch, the 350 Legend uses a . 357-inch diameter bullet, for a combination that is very easy on the shoulder while being effective downrange. Winchester claims the cartridge has 20 percent more penetration and 20 percent less recoil than the .

What is the effective range of a 338 Federal?

338 Federal case are less than desirable for long-range target work, but for a hunting cartridge—especially in a trim, lightweight hunting rifle—with a maximum range of 300 yards or so, it does quite well.

Is the 350 Remington Magnum still in production?

It was later offered in the Model 660 and Model 700 rifles but was discontinued as a regular factory chambering in 1974 after a poor sales record. Remington has also offered the Model Seven MS from their Custom Shop and a limited edition 700 Classic in recent years chambered in .350 Remington Magnum.

How much does a Remington Model 7 rifle cost?

Remington is re-introducing this rifle next year sta… (read more) I ordered this rifle for myself. It has factory iron sights, Custom Shop bottom metal, premium McMillan stock, Flat Dark Earth Cerakote, barrel band front swivel, Ken Howell inlett… (read more) (The price reflects the Cash Discount Price.

What kind of bullet does a 350 Magnum use?

But the introduction of the WSM and SAUM short magnum cartridges in the first years of the 21st Century revived interest in the .350 Mag. and Remington reinstated it on their loading list, along with a new rifle to shoot it. The new Remington factory load for the .350 Magnum, which uses a 200 grain Core-Lokt PSP bullet, claims a MV of 2775 fps.

Is the Remington Model 7 in factory condition?

This is a factory custom shop Mannlicher stocked lamintated rifle. It’s in 98% condition and comes with a set of rings & bases. Remington is re-introducing this rifle next year sta… (read more) I ordered this rifle for myself.