How do I create a setup File in Visual Studio 2010?

How do I create a setup File in Visual Studio 2010?

Open an existing Windows form project solution to create a setup file. Right-click on solution and in the context menu click Add, then New Project. After that you can see a new project window, in that right side you can select Other Project Types in installed Templates, then select as shown below.

How do I add a web form in Visual Studio 2010?

1 Answer. You must choose File => New => Project… instead and not File => New => Web Site… . Then select the Visual C# / Web Templates group on the left, and then choose the “ASP.NET Web Application” template in the center column. Name your project and press the OK button.

How do I open a website project in Visual Studio 2010?

Open and Verify your Visual Studio Web Site Project In the File menu, click Open Web Site. The Open Web Site dialog box is displayed. Select the project folder that you want to open, and then click Open.

How do I convert installed programs to setup?

Open the Run prompt (Windows key + R) and type iexpress.exe to launch the IExpress Wizard. Select Create new Self Extraction Directive file and click Next. Select Extract files only and click Next. For the package title, the name of your app is a safe choice.

How do you create an installer?

The following steps are needed to create offline and online installers:

  1. Create a package directory for the installable components.
  2. Create a configuration file called config.
  3. Create a package information file called package.
  4. Create installer content and copy it to the package directory.

How do I write a program in Visual Studio 2010?

How to write and run a C Program in Visual Studio 2010

  1. create a new project by clicking file->new->project .
  2. from installed template choose other language.
  3. choose language visual c++
  4. in visual c++ choose tab win32.
  5. choose project type win32 console application.

What is the extension to Visual Basic 2010?

The visual basic is a very simple programming language and easy to execute the code. The visual basic form provides the interactive development environment to the user who uses this language. We used . vb extension to save any visual basic form.

How do I convert my website to webapp?

The important and mandatory elements and steps required in successful conversion to progressive web apps are discussed here.

  1. Switching to HTTPS. To convert to PWA, you need to switch from HTTP to HTTPS.
  2. Adding Service Workers.
  3. Create the JSON File – Web App Manifest.
  4. Test Your Progressive Web App.

How do I convert my website to Visual Studio project?

Using Windows Explorer copy all your files into you project folder. In VS 2013 solution explorer show all files. Select the files and folders – right click include in project. Right click the project solution explorer and select Convert to Web Application.

How do I create an exe in Visual Basic?

To build your program and create teh executable file choose Build My Project.exe from the Build menu – “My Project” represents teh name you chose for your project and the extension “.exe” is used to designate that the file being created will be an executable file.

How do I make a project executable in VB net?

The executable program file you just created with the help of Visual Basic . NET, MyProgram.exe, is located in your Visual Studio Projects\MyProject\bin folder (assuming you chose the default location when you started the project). Double-click the file, and your Visual Basic . NET application appears on the screen.

How to create a movie controller in visual web developer?

When you created the movie controller, Visual Web Developer automatically included the following @model statement at the top of the Index.vbhtml file: This @ModelType directive allows you to access the list of movies that the controller passed to the view by using a Model object that’s strongly typed.

How to create a visual web developer project?

A Visual Web Developer project with VB.NET source code is available to accompany this topic. Download the VB.NET version. If you prefer C#, switch to the C# version of this tutorial. In this section, you’ll create a new MoviesController class and write code that retrieves the movie data and displays it in the browser using a view template.

How to create a web site in Visual Studio?

Open Visual Studio. In the File menu, click New Web Site. In the New Web Site dialog box, select the language to use (Visual C# or Visual Basic). Select the ASP.NET Web Site (Razor) template. Click OK. Your new project exists and is populated with some default web pages to help you get started.

Is there a free version of Microsoft Visual Web developer?

ASP. NET overview Microsoft Visual Web Developer is the FREE version of Visual Studio for developing ASP.NET applications. This video will show how to get and install it and take you through a general tour of the IDE and its features. Thank you. Is this page helpful? Any additional feedback? Thank you.