How do you find the age of a Stevens shotgun?

How do you find the age of a Stevens shotgun?

According to the 5th Edition of Standard Catalog of Firearms (Krause Publications), p. 677 “Collectors will find a date code stamped on every double-barrel shotgun in the Stevens brands produced between March 1949 and December 1968. Usually, it is behind the hinge pin or ahead of the triggerguard on the bottom of the frame.

Where is j.stevens arms and Tool Company?

STEVENS ARMS CO., J. Location: Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts. In 1864, this firm began doing business as J. Stevens & Company. In 1888, it was incorporated as J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company. It operated as such until 1920, when it was taken over by Savage Arms Company. It has operated as an independent division in this organization since.

What’s the serial number on a Stevens 520 shotgun?

First off, Stevens 520 shotguns cannot currently be accurately dated with just a serial number. Stevens had an accidental fire in their records room right after WWI when they were being investigated for war profiteering and there was a great flood of the Connecticut River in 1936 that damaged the factory and records room again.

What was the last year Stevens made a 520A?

Stevens stopped serializing shotguns in 1948 and there are a few 520As made in the last year of production without serial numbers. The highest serial number I have observed on a 520A is 86646. Throughout 520 production there were times when they were offered with raised matted rib barrels.

Is there a history of the Stevens single shot shotgun?

History : There is not a lot of documentation for the older Stevens single shot shotguns. Even parts lists that relate to models that we know or can identify. The Blue Book of Gun Values is very vague, does not even list them, except in the rear “serialization” where it shows years of manufacture & estimates of quantities made.

Where is the date code on a Savage Stevens shotgun?

Savage/Stevens single and double barrel shotguns were date coded betweenMarch 1949 and December 1968. Usually, it is behind the hinge pin or ahead of the trigger guard on the bottom of the frame.

What’s the serial number on a Stevens 20 gauge?

have seen was on 20 gauge Stevens Model 311 Series H serial number E957971. The Savage branded imported doubles, over and unders or side by sides, are numbered differently. Each model is numbered in the range created by its manufacturer. As you probably have heard, Savage/Stevens’ production

What was the first shotgun made by Stevens Arms?

Starting in 1872, Stevens began producing single-barreled shotguns based on their tip-up rifles and pistols. The first was the Model 30 offered in 14 gauge but soon followed by 10, 12, 16, and 20 gauges.

When was Stevens Arms bought by Savage Arms?

The company introduced the .22 Long Rifle round and made a number of rifle, shotgun, and target pistol designs. By 1902, they were advertising themselves as “the largest producers of sporting arms in the world”. They were purchased by New England Westinghouse on May 28, 1915, and again by Savage Arms on April 1, 1920.

When did the Stevens 311D shotgun come out?

I determined that my Stevens 311D is a “circle G,” or, made in 1955. More Information Needed This can only be answered by knowing exactly how the company name is marked (Stevens, J. Stevens Arms, J. Stevens Arms and Tool, J. Stevens Arms Co).

How to tell if A J Stevens rifle is a 1915 model?

It pre dates 1916 as it still bears the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company logo. If it was a model 1915 it would say model 1915 on the upper tang and the address on the barrel would read J. Stevens Arms Co. You’ll need to remove the butt stock and look inside of it to determine if it’s an 1889 or 1894 model. Click to expand…

What is the serial number on a Savage Stevens shotgun?

If it has a serial # the best I can do is 1968 or later. Since the pictures are not back yet, I will explain to the best of my ability. The Savage/Stevens date code is a very small oval, usually on the underside of the receiver on doubles. Inside that oval is a very small number and letter. The letter is the year of manufacture.

How many Stevens Model 311 shotguns were made?

To calculate an approximate number of ‘Stevens Model 311s’ that were made from 1968 to 1988 you could do this math exercise. Since Savage used 5 letters (A to E), each on 999,999 guns, they must have made about 5 million guns.