How good is a Marlin 30 30?

How good is a Marlin 30 30?

30-30 Winchester are not great performers at long range, they’re tough to beat at short to moderate range. These characteristics make the Marlin 336 a great “woods gun” for hunters who need to take a fast, short-range shot on a big-game animal.

What is the range for a 30 30 rifle?

30-30 have a maximum effective range of around 150-200 yards. When using a polymer tipped bullet and a scoped rifle (like a Marlin 336), it’s possible to extend that somewhat to around 250 yards or so. That’s plenty of range for most hunters though.

Should I buy a Marlin 336?

Compared to its main rival the Winchester 94, this rifle can be found at $500 or lower compared to the $1000 or so range that the 94 usually occupies. This makes the Marlin 336 an excellent choice if you want a budget but dependable rifle you can use to hunt small- to medium-sized games or for target shooting.

Is there a Marlin 30-30 Winchester for sale?

Up for sale is a used Marlin 1893 Rifle (.30-3 Win.). This item has a 24” octagon barrel and wood stocks. Inspection with a bore scope shows light pitting in the bore, the rifling (read more) This is a Marlin Glenfield Model. 30 chambered in .30-30 Winchester.

Is the Marlin 336 CS 30-30 Win a scope?

Marlin 336 CS 30-30 Win with 20″ barrel tapped for scope. GUN COLLECTIONS WANTED FOR CASH! We buy, sell, consign and trade new and used firearms. This is our 44th year in business….

When was the Marlin 30-30 lever action made?

This is a Marlin 336 lever action made in 1975 and chambered in .30-30. This rifle has a 20” barrel with clean sharp rifling and a gold finish on the trigger. The hammer has a spur… (read more) This is newly Cerakoted in Black Graphite with brushed chromed internal parts. It has a new Action Job and Williams Fiber Optic Firesights.

How big is a 30 inch Marlin barrel?

MARLIN .30/30 LEVER ACTION 336XLR 24″ STAINLESS STEEL BARRELBARREL 24 INCH ” BARREL OTHER MODEL .30-30 WIN. MARLIN DARK SERIES 16 INCH ” BARREL OTHER MODEL .30-30 WIN. NIB MARLIN 336 CS LEVER ACTION 30-30 WIN. 02649501022 MANF. PART #: MANF. PART #: .30-30 Win. Marlin .30/30 Lever Action 336XLR 24″ stainless steel barrelbarrel 24 inch ” barrel