How many rounds does a Remington 878 hold?

How many rounds does a Remington 878 hold?

Remington Model 878
Barrel length 28 or 30 inches (71 or 76 cm)
Cartridge 12 gauge
Action Semi-automatic gas operated
Feed system 2+1 round tube magazine

How many rounds does a Remington model 11 hold?

Remington Model 11-87
Barrel length 14 to 30 in (360 to 760 mm)
Cartridge 12 or 20 gauge
Action Semi-automatic gas-operated
Feed system Tube magazine 4+1 rounds; 7+1 rounds with magazine extension

When did the Remington Sportsman 58 come out?

I shot both 12 and 20 gauge 58s in the early 60s, and if they hadn’t come out with the 1100 i would have bought one. Both were quite soft shooting, and reliable. Shot many 25 straights with them at skeet, but they do need to be clean.

How big is the hole in a Remington 58 barrel?

And used 58 forearms come at a premium price. Barrels are obsolete, but new barrel can be made by utilizing a new 870 barrel and drilling a gas orifice hole to accommodate the gas. If no existing barrel is available, take a look at a 1100 barrel to judge the angle of the hole. Determine the size of the hole by the chart listed below.

What does the s stand for on a Remington 58?

There are also some 58’s out there with no engraving, but had S-58 stamped on the left side of the receiver. The “S” probably stands for Sportsman, which is Remington’s designation for their economy version of the regular model. These un-adorned 58’s had plain barrels, plain receivers, and the stocks may or may not have had checkering.

Is the Remington 58 the same as the Remington 1100?

Operating handles are the same as the model 1100 or the newer 11-87. Much of the trigger group will be the same as the 1100. The action bar assembly is different and only for the 58. And there were 2 different types of these depending on the date of mfg. Buttstocks off an 870 will fit as well as the stock bolt and washer.