How much is a youth shotgun?

How much is a youth shotgun?

Characteristics of youth shotgun

Manufacturer Youth Model(s) Prices Start at (New)
Mossberg 505 Youth $299
Remington 11-87 Sportsman Black Synthetic $599
Remington 870 Compact and Jr. $329
Remington V3 Field Sport Compact $731

Who makes the best youth shotgun?

10 Great Youth Shotguns For Every Budget

  • Franchi Affinity Compact.
  • H&R Topper Junior.
  • Mossberg 500 Bantam.
  • Remington 870 Express Compact Jr.
  • Rossi.
  • TriStar Viper G2 Youth.
  • Weatherby SA-08 Synthetic Youth.
  • Winchester SX3 Compact.

Is a 20-gauge youth shotgun good for home defense?

The lighter gun has an edge in handling and is especially suited for smaller-framed family members who may have to wield it. The 20-gauge also has plenty of stopping power. The 12-gauge load most often recommended for home defense is the standard 2 ¾-inch No.

What is a good shotgun for a 13 year old?

Here Are Our Picks for the 6 Best Youth Hunting Rifles and…

  1. Remington 870 Express Compact Jr.
  2. Savage Axis II XP Youth Centerfire Rifle Package: $385.99.
  3. Keystone Crickett 22 Synthetic Rimfire Rifle: $115.99.
  4. Mossberg 500 Bantam Field/Deer Shotgun Combo: $389.99.

How long is a youth 20 gauge shotgun?

Youth 20 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun | Academy. Designed for young shooters, the Maverick® Youth 20 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun features a 12″ length of pull and a 22″ barrel with a blued finish. This shotgun is designed with front and rear fixed bead sights and a black synthetic stock. Pump action with a 3″ chamber.

Which is the best 20 gauge shotgun for a child?

The Mossberg 500 Youth 20 gauge shotgun is made to fit the smaller frame of a child by shortening the stock, the barrel, and the pump-action slides. Mossberg calls it the “EZ-Reach” forend system that moves the forend closer to the receiver so those with shorter arms can reach the forend and maintain control of the shotgun.

What’s the price of a 20 gauge shotgun?

The 20-gauge models feature a 24-inch barrel; the 12 features a 26-inch barrel. With an MSRP of either $899 for black or $999 for camouflage, the Affinity compact is a high-performance autoloader at a reasonable price. MSRP: $ 899 (black) or $ 999 (camouflage)

What kind of shotgun is Mossberg Youth Mini?

The Mossberg 510 Youth Mini .20 Gauge Shotgun is the same gun as the 510 above except this one is chambered in .20 gauge instead of .410. A .20 gauge shotgun is going to have more recoil than a .410, but it’s still negligible with the Mossberg models.

What are the specs of a Youth shotgun?

Specs Gauge 20 Capacity 5+1 Chamber 3″ Barrel Type Vent Rib Barrel Length 22″