How to contact Crosman break barrel air rifle?

How to contact Crosman break barrel air rifle?

For current prices, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-7AIRGUN (724-7486). We recently changed some things on our PCP and Break Barrel Air Rifle warranties. For more information, head on over to our warranty page:

Where can I find a Crosman CS manual?

Manuals can be found here:… If you have a 766, you might need to order parts for the 2100. Make sure the part numbers for both models are the same. Loading…

What’s the best way to repair a pellet gun?

Remove the screws on the base of the rifle to reveal the inside hammer. If there is anything stuck in there, pull it out. Lubricate everything after you make your repairs. Replace all the parts, making sure everything is in its proper place. Shoot a cotton pellet through the barrel.

What kind of pump does a Crosman 1377 use?

Re-assembly was easy except for that dang tiny spring and ball for the safety. OK, so now it pumps up and shoots. 7.9 gr. pellet, 10 pumps, 445 fps. Does that sound normal? Update: I noticed that the gun would still not pump if I pumped real slow. I had to stroke it fast to get a good stiff pump.

What kind of air gun does Diana Stormrider use?

Diana Stormrider Gen2 .22 Multi-shot PCP Air Rifle, Synthetic by Diana In stock ready to ship! FX Air Rifle Pellets .22 Cal, 25.39 Grains, Domed, 350ct. FX Air Rifle Pellets .25 Cal, 33.95 Grains, Domed, 300ct.

Where to find owner’s manuals and parts diagrams?

Lost a manual or need a part? Well you’ve come to the right place because this category contains owner’s manuals and exploded views of parts diagrams. Click on the links below or you can even do a search.

Where can I find the model number for my tool?

Sometimes type numbers are long numbers or long combinations of numbers and letters. “Type numbers” go by different names, depending on the manufacturer. They can be called the type number, engineering number, series number or bar code number. Some model types are only distinguished by the year of the model. Type numbers can be difficult to find.

Do you need parts to make a Crosman?

Need some parts? **Please note that you can also download owner’s manuals and parts diagram and save them for future use.** *Estimated delivery could vary on some products. You have no items to compare. You have no items in your wish list.

Is the Crosman Model 120 pellet gun still working?

Crosman Model 120 Pellet Gun 22 Cal Stock Assembly For sale is this vintage circa 1952 Crosman 22 caliber pellet gun stock assembly. This gun part came from a working condition complete Crosman Model 120 (see my other items for sale) The stock shows typical scratches along with some paint specks. The paint specks do come off with some rubbing.

How is the top of a Crosman gun?


Can you print out an air rifle manual?

Feel free to print any of these manuals for your personal use. You may not distribute printed or electronic copies of these manuals without Pyramyd Air’s express written consent. Need to order gun parts? Check the schematics to identify the right part. Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle Combo. AGD Benjamin Trail NP2 Rifle, Camo, Combo.

Where do you put the BBS in a marksman?

Insert BBs into the dedicated BB chamber found at the front of the barrel. Pour them down the tube and into the chamber. This is the smaller tube on the barrel, under the main barrel tube.

What kind of gun is a marksman repeater?

Marksman air guns produce rifle and pistol styles of BB and pellet guns. The 1010C Repeater is one of the pistol style air guns and is considered the classic air pistol in the company’s offerings. The Repeater comes assembled with very little to put together for use, and there are few moving parts to the firearm.