What are the features of fourth generation of computer and explain the advantages also?

What are the features of fourth generation of computer and explain the advantages also?

Features of the fourth generation of computers They emerged single-board computer and the single-chip processor. This generation of computers improved in terms of speed, accuracy and reliability. Due to the high component density, they were small in size comparing to previous generation’s computers.

What is the fourth generation of computer?

Fourth Generation of computers was between 1971 – 1980. These computers used the VLSI technology or the Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits technology. Therefore they were also known as the microprocessors. The first “personal computer” or PC developed by IBM, belonged to this generation.

What are the advantages of the fourth generation computer?

Advantages Fourth Generation of Computer They were developed for totally general purpose use (general-purpose computers). Smaller in size and much reliable than other generations of computer. The heat generation was negligible. No cooling system required in many cases of the fourth-generation computer.

What are the features of the five generations of computer?

The five generations of computers are characterized by electrical current flowing through the processing mechanisms listed below: The first within vacuum tubes The second within transistors The third within integrated circuits The fourth within microprocessor chips The fifth unveiled smart devices capable of artificial …

What are the two characteristics of fourth generation computers?

1) The fourth generation computers have microprocessor-based systems. It uses VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated) circuits. 2) They are the cheapest among all the computer generation. 3) The speed, accuracy and reliability of the computers were improved in fourth generation computers.

Which of the following is an example of fourth generation of computer?

It started with the invention of Microprocessor. The Microprocessor contains thousands of Integrated Circuits. The examples of fourth generation computers are IBM PC and Apple Macintosh. Fifth Generation Computers: Fifth Generation Computers are based on the technique of Artificial Intelligence.

What is the disadvantage of fourth generation computer?

The fourth generation computers are characterized by microprocessors, which contain a large number of integrated circuits (IC). The disadvantage of these computers is that the microprocessor design and fabrication is very complex and requires expensive setup and highly skilled staff for manufacturing.

What are the characteristics of fourth generation language?

4GLs are closer to human language than other high-level languages and are accessible to people without formal training as programmers. They allow multiple common operations to be performed with a single programmer-entered command.

What are the characteristics of 4th generation languages?

Fourth generation language is a computer programming language. It tries to get closer to the human language interpretation, conceptualization and thinking.

  • It uses the graphic user interface.
  • It focuses on the dropping and dragging elements, generating code.
  • It focuses on creation of the reports, websites and databases.

Which of the following is an example of fourth generation computer?

The two examples of fourth generation computers are IBM 1401 and STAR 1000 which make use of latest microprocessors. Explanation: The fourth generation computers were launched between the years 1971 – 1980. These computers came with the latest circuit technology of Very Large Scale Integrated systems.

What are the characteristics of the fourth generation of computers?

The most important characteristic of fourth generation computers is undoubtedly their size, which was due to the use of microprocessor technology / VLSI. Thanks to this, they had other advantageous features: Much less expensive. More laptops. Much smaller size. Available for any type of person. Basic Computer Language.

What are the features of first generation computers?

Features of first generation computers: 1 Technology used: vacuum tube 2 Machines languages were used to instruct the computer. 3 Magnetic core memory was used as primary memory. 4 Electrostatic tubes, Parer tape, punch card, magnetic tape 5 Punched card, printing devices were used for input/output operations and store the result.

How are computers classified according to their features?

The function performed by the computer and the speed of their operations have been changing since the old days to the most modern computer. Based on the period of development and the features incorporated, the computers are classified into different generations- First generation to Fifth generation. This is called the computer generation.

Which is an example of a third generation computer?

The example of third generation computers is IBM-360 series, ICL-900 series, and Honeywell 200 series. Features of the third generation computers are: The technology used: IC (Integrated Circuit). Transistors were replaced by IC in their electronic circuitry.