What is the best scope for a Remington 700 270?

What is the best scope for a Remington 700 270?

Best Scope for Remington 700 on the Market Review

  1. 1 Monstrum G2 6-24×50 Riflescope.
  2. 2 Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm Riflescope.
  3. 3 Bushnell 10×40 Tac Optic Tactical Riflescope.
  4. 4 Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II Riflescope.
  5. 5 UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope.
  6. 6 Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II Riflescope.

What scope should I put on my Remington 700?

If you are thinking of using the Remington 700 as a hunting rifle, then you will need a hunting scope that has a variable magnification level of 4-14x. This will give you an excellent shot from medium range while still allowing long range shooting if needed.

What is a good size scope for a 270?

For most hunters and shooters, a riflescope in the 3-9x to 4-12x power range will be ideal for a 270 Winchester. If you prefer something with a little more power, then consider a riflescope in the 4-14x or higher magnification range.

What is the best rifle scope for my 308?

Best Scope for 308 on the Market Reviews

  1. 1 NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm Riflescope.
  2. 2 Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44mm Riflescope.
  3. 3 Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50mm Riflescope.
  4. 4 EOTech Vudu 3.5-18x50mm Precision Rifle Scope.
  5. 5 Trijicon 1-6×24 VCOG Riflescope.
  6. 6 Burris 200261 Ballistic Plex 2-7x32mm Riflescope.
  7. 7 UTG 3-12X44 30mm Scope.

How accurate is a 270?

270 has been curiously absent: the hyper-charged area of pure accuracy. No question about it, the . 270 has accuracy aplenty to take down an antelope at 300 yards, but that is a universe apart from the degree of accuracy needed to consistently drill five holes in a 1-inch circle at that same 300 yards.

Is the Savage Axis 270 A good gun?

There is a decent rubber shoulder butt-plate to absorb most of the recoil and it does a decent job. So in plain English, the recoil of the Save Axis . 270 is apparent but it’s not going to rock your world. The Axis has a pretty heavy trigger pull and sadly does not come with the Savage Arms Accu Trigger.

What size scope do I need for a 308 rifle?

At most, you will be shooting from 150 yards, even when you are using a . 308 Winchester. A scope that maxes out at 9x or 12x is more than enough for your needs.

Do you need a scope for a Remington 700?

Having the ability to precisely dial in your scope is vital when it comes to the Remington 700. This is a rifle capable of incredible precision and accuracy, but a lot of that depends on a scope that has been sighted in properly. A scope’s turrets allow you to adjust your reticle to your rifle’s point of impact.

Is the Remington 700 Model 40 still in service?

During the Vietnam War, the Model 40 (a target variant of the 700) was adopted and modified by the US Marine Corps as a standard sniper rifle and is still in service today. This is a powerful testimony to the accuracy potential of this incredible rifle. Naturally, a hunting or sniping rifle demands a good scope.

What’s the best Mag for a Remington 700 sniper?

Coming in the most popular sniper calibers .308, .300 Win Mag and the .338 Lapua Mag with a 24″ or a 26″ barrel. This is what I should buy! Problem is, I already bought a Remington Model 700 SPS in .308 with a threaded barrel a few years ago. Before the Remington 700 Tactical Chassis version was even available. And I’m not the only one.

What kind of scope should I get for my.270 rifle?

The availability of a broad range of rifle scope styles, features and price points for the .270 may confuse you when shopping for a scope. The following are some of the factors to consider when shopping for a scope for your .270 Win: