What is the meaning of a smoking gun?

What is the meaning of a smoking gun?

: something that serves as conclusive evidence or proof (as of a crime or scientific theory)

What is an example of a smoking gun?

A smoking gun is a clear piece of evidence. A babysitter who’s trying to figure out which kid ate the last chocolate cupcake might consider one child’s frosting-smeared face to be a smoking gun. A smoking gun almost always proves clearly that a particular person is guilty of something.

How do you use smoking gun in a sentence?

Smoking gun in a Sentence ?

  1. Detective Marsh confronted the defendant with the smoking gun of his fingerprints being all over the murder weapon.
  2. When the smoking gun was revealed to the jury, there was nothing left to do except convict the criminal of the crime.

What’s another word for smoking gun?

What is another word for smoking gun?

evidence proof
corroboration lead
conclusive evidence incontrovertible evidence
hard evidence hot lead
indisputable evidence straw in the wind

What happened to the Smoking Gun Website?

The cable network truTV, formerly Court TV, purchased The Smoking Gun, as well as the website Crime Library, in 2000. On June 2014, The Smoking Gun was sold back to William Bastone.

What does a straw in the wind mean?

phrase [straw inflects] If you say that an incident or piece of news is a straw in the wind, you mean that it gives an indication of what might happen in the future. The latest straw in the wind is a pick-up in sales among the nation’s retail giants.

Can you smoke meat with a smoking gun?

About the Breville Smoking Gun! They have made lives of home chefs so much easier through their cutting-edge kitchen tools including The Smoking Gun ™(BSM600SIL). With it, the cold smoke technique can be achieved at home easily by adding a layer of smokey taste to meats, fish, drinks, cheeses, sauces and more.

Can you use a smoking gun on raw meat?

Well, this method we like to use for our meat lovers because they LOVE an even tastier meat! All you need to do is after you’ve seasoned your steak place it in a vacuum sealed bag, place fuma’s hose in the bag before sealing it. then load the gun with your hickory wood chips, turn on and light it up!

What cocktails should you smoke?

How To Make Smoked Cocktails and 5 Recipes to Try

  • Coat the glass with smoke. A more simple way to learn how to make smoked cocktails is to coat the inside of the glass with the smoky flavor.
  • Smoke your garnish.
  • Smoke your ice.
  • Smoked Manhattan.
  • Smoked Bloody Mary.
  • Smoking Cinnamon Cocktail.
  • Dragon’s Breath.
  • Smoky Martini.

    Is smoking cocktails unhealthy?

    But smoking alcohol isn’t healthier — it carries serious health risks. You absorb alcohol in 8 to 20 seconds when you’re inhaling it versus 20 minutes when you’re drinking it. And unlike with a drink, you can’t keep track of how much you’re having. If you go overboard, there’s no going back.

    What does it mean to have a smoking gun?

    Evidence, particularly of a crime, that is difficult or impossible to dispute. The term “smoking gun” was originally, and is still primarily, a reference to an object or fact that serves as conclusive evidence of a crime or similar act.

    Why do characters blow away gun smoke from the barrel?

    This may involve blowing on the barrel, but that’s an exception, not the rule. Everyday shooters, even police officers, don’t worry about their guns catching fire in that way. If their barrels get smoky, they can let them air out without worrying about hosting an impromptu barbecue.

    What does it mean when someone smokes a cigarette?

    If it’s a straitlaced world where artificial morality seems to rule, a cigarette can be a sign of rebellion, that the rules imposed on everyone else are not accepted. High class, low class, carelessness, camouflage, sexuality, dominance, submission, culture, lack thereof, addiction, obsession, boredom, weakness, ca…

    What is the literary symbolism of a cigarette?

    If it’s a straitlaced world where artificial morality seems to rule, a cigarette can be a sign of rebellion, that the rules imposed on everyone else are not accepted.