What is the overall length of an M16?

What is the overall length of an M16?

39.5 in
M16 rifle

Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16
Specifications (M16)
Mass 6.37 lb (2.89 kg) (unloaded) 7.5 lb (3.40 kg) (loaded)
Length 39.5 in (1,003 mm)
Barrel length 20 in (508 mm)

What is the length of M16 rifle with flash suppressor?

a. Rifles M16 and M16A1. Length: Rifle w/flash suppressor 39 in.

How long is an AR-15?

Colt AR-15
Manufacturer Colt
Variants see List of Colt AR-15 & M16 rifle variants
Barrel length 20 inches (510 mm) (standard) 16 inches (410 mm) (carbine) 24 inches (610 mm) (target)

How big is the barrel of an M16 rifle?

Specifications (M16) Mass: 7.18 lb (3.26 kg) (unloaded) 8.79 lb (3.99 kg) (loaded) Length: 39.5 in (1,003 mm) Barrel length: 20 in (508 mm)

When did the M16 assault rifle come out?

M16 rifle, also called AR-15, assault rifle developed as the AR-15 by American engineer Eugene Stoner of ArmaLite Inc. in the late 1950s. The rifle received high marks for its light weight, its accuracy, and the volume of fire that it could provide. M16A1 assault rifle.

Which country made M16?

M16 rifle. The M16 is an assault rifle used by the United States since the Vietnam War in 1963, based on the AR-15. Since 1975, the M16 has been used by many different countries. First designed by Eugene Stoner in the United States of America, it is currently the standard infantry rifle used by the United States Military Forces.

Which is lighter the M14 or the M16A4?

M16 rifle. The use of aluminum and composite materials rather than wood made the various iterations of the M16 significantly lighter than the M14 or the AK-47. The M16A4—the standard infantry weapon of the U.S. Marine Corps since 2003—weighs less than 3.3 kg (just over 7 pounds) unloaded. It measures 100 cm (39 inches) long,…