What term refers to the computer hardware?

What term refers to the computer hardware?

The term hardware refers to the physical components of the computer system (as opposed to the software). The primary component of the computer is the motherboard (also called the main circuit board, main logic board, mainboard, or systemboard).

Is hardware considered a tool?

1. The generic term dealing with physical items as distinguished from its capability or function such as equipment, tools, implements, instruments, devices, sets, fittings, trimmings, assemblies, subassemblies, components, and parts.

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Why is it called hardware?

From EtymologyOnline: mid-15c., “small metal goods,” from hard + ware (n.). In the sense of “physical components of a computer” it dates from 1947. Hardware store attested by 1789.

Is a combination of hardware software and data?

Hence, A network is a combination of hardware and software that facilitates the sharing of information between computing devices.

What are the hardware items?

Bathroom Hardware. Soap Holders & Dispensers. Bathroom Shelves. Drain Strainers.

  • Door Hardware & Locks. Handlesets. Latches & Bolts. Hinges.
  • Cabinet Hardware. Knobs. Pulls. Drawer Slides.
  • Nails, Screws & Fasteners. Brackets. Collated Nails. Braces.
  • Furniture Hardware. Furniture Pads. Furniture Legs.
  • Padlocks & Hasps.
  • Hooks.
  • Window Hardware.
  • What is hardware and software together called?

    Answer: The combination of hardware and software is known as ‘network’.

    What is made up of both hardware and software?

    1 Hardware and Software

    • A computer system is made up of both hardware and software components and is capable of: Data Input – Allowing users to input the instructions using input devices ,
    • As well as the personal computer, this definition applies to any equipment which uses computer technology.

      Which is the best definition of computer hardware?

      Glossary of computer hardware terms. (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) – a compact interface for transferring encrypted uncompressed digital audio and video data to a device such as a computer monitor, video projector or digital television.

      Which is a generic term for a computer architecture?

      A generic term that refers to a high-performance input/output (I/O) architecture that is implemented in various forms on a number of computer architectures, especially on mainframe computers. Also chip set. A group of integrated circuits, or chips, that are designed to work together. They are usually marketed as a single product.

      What are the parts of a computer called?

      The internal hardware parts of a computer are often referred to as components, while external hardware devices are usually called peripherals. Together, they all fall under the category of computer hardware.

      What are the different types of hardware devices?

      Internal hardware devices include motherboards, hard drives, and RAM. External hardware devices include monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, and scanners.