When was the Iron board invented?

When was the Iron board invented?

Sarah Boone, an African-American inventor, was awarded the patent for her ironing board April 26th, 1892. Sarah Boone’s ironing board was designed to improve the ironing of sleeves and the bodies of women’s garments.

Who was Sarah Boone and what did she do?

Sarah Boone was a 19th century African American dressmaker who was awarded a patent for her improved ironing board. Who Was Sarah Boone? Sarah Boone was an African American dressmaker who made her name by inventing the modern-day ironing board.

How did Sarah Boone invent the ironing board?

Dressmaker Sarah Boone made her name by inventing an improvement to the ironing board in 1892 that would make it easier to press sleeves without introducing unwanted creases.

Where did Sarah Boone live in North Carolina?

Boone was born Sarah Marshall near the town of New Bern in Craven County, North Carolina, in 1832. The daughter of enslaved parents, she earned her freedom at one point; some sources say it came with her 1847 marriage to James Boone, a free African American.

Who was the first black woman to get a patent?

With its approval in 1892, Boone became one of the first African American women to be awarded a patent. Boone was born Sarah Marshall near the town of New Bern in Craven County, North Carolina, in 1832.

What are facts about inventor Sarah Boone?

Life of Sarah Boone, Inventor . Sarah Boone began life as Sarah Marshall, born in 1832. In 1847, at age 15, she married freedman James Boone in New Bern, North Carolina. They moved north to New Haven, Connecticut before the Civil War. She worked as a dressmaker while he was a brick mason. They had eight children.

What are some public facts about Sarah Boone?

Born in 1832 in Craven County, North Carolina, Sarah Boone married a brick mason, James Boone when she was 15. They had eight children. She lived in New Haven for the rest of her life before passing away in 1904. Boone received a patent for her invention in 1892. Her ironing board has since made it easy for people to press sleeves.

What are facts about Sarah Boone?

  • prior to the Civil War.
  • Boone had to find a way for her dresses to catch the eye of customers.
  • Death and Legacy.

    Who was Sarah Boone’s parents?

    “Sarah Boone was the daughter of Edward Boone (brother of famous Daniel Boone) and Martha Bryan Boone. Sarah married William Hunter in 1787. They were the parents of three children; William Jr., Mary “Polly” and Dudley. William and Sarah were living in Dry Valley, Tennessee in 1853.