Where was the Sterlingworth double barrel shotgun made?

Where was the Sterlingworth double barrel shotgun made?

The serial #119645 is stamped on all of the parts, even the trigger guard. It was manufactured by A.H. fox co. in phila, pa. Its a 12 gauge standard grade (I think) , looks to be a good shape except for the stock which is scratched; the barrel has “fluid compressed steel” stamped on it.

What kind of steel is in Sterlingworth shotguns?

It has all the exclusive FOX features. The BARRELS are genuine Sterlingworth Fluid Compressed Steel- (FOX PROOF)-thoroughly tested and guaranteed for strength and shooting qualities. THE STOCK is best quality plain American Walnut, thoroughly seasoned and checkered.

What is the serial number on a Sterlingworth?

The opposite barrel was marked Sterlingworth Fluid Compressed Steel. The trigger guard tang revealed the serial number 625XX. The gun was not stamped for gauge or choke. The action was stamped for a No.2 barrel weight. This grade had double triggers.

What was the serial number of a Fox Sterlingworth shotgun?

I have a Sterlingworth less than 200 lower serial numbers and it letters as being shipped July 20, 1928, top gun in this picture — Lower gun is 1936. The A.H. Fox Gun Co. Sterlingworth was offered in four barrel lengths, known in the period literature by names — 26-inch (Brush), 28-inch (Field), 30-inch (Standard) and 32-inch (Trap).

What’s the average price of a single shot shotgun?

Our current stock of single shot shotguns for sale ranges from just over $100 for the Rossi Single Shot to $3,600 for the Browning BT-99 Golden Clays, with plenty of options in between.

What kind of stock is a single shot shotgun made of?

Easy on the pocketbook, the Henry Single Shot is made with an American walnut stock and steel or brass receiver and barrel. The break-action design fully ejects spent shells.