Which barrel fires first on a Stoeger Condor?

Which barrel fires first on a Stoeger Condor?

The bottom barrel fires first.

Can you dry fire a double barrel shotgun?

Yes. All Ruger shotguns can be dry fired without damage, and dry firing can be useful to familiarize the owner with the firearm. However, be sure any firearm is completely unloaded before dry firing!

Do over under shotguns have 2 triggers?

Double barrel shotguns come in two forms, the side by side, and the over-under model. Double barrel shotguns originally came with two triggers that allowed for each barrel to be discharged when firing. The over-under shotgun is used for clay target sports, hunting waterfowl, in addition to trap and skeet shooting.

Why does my Browning Citori not shoot both barrels?

Sometimes it would allow me to shoot both barrels. At least 4 times the second shot would not go off. It appeared that the trigger did not reset. If I selected a single shot (either upper or lower barrel), the gun would functioned as it should. It would malfunction (not fire the second barrel) if two shells were loaded.

What kind of action does a Citori shotgun have?

Citori action with a single barrel in the lower position. Grade I walnut stock and adjustable comb. Single barrel design on an over and under action. Lower barrel position is what defines “Unsingle.” Limited Distribution Choose 20/28 set or 28/.410 set. Common action with either barrel set.

What kind of barrel does Citori 12 gauge shotgun have?

12 Gauge 3″ chamber, lightning style satin finish AAAA Maple stock, high polish blued barrel and high relief engraved receiver, ivory front and mid-bead, Midas grade Invector-Plus extended black band chokes

What kind of sight does a Citori Browning shotgun have?

Two barrel set, 20 gauge and 28 gauge barrel sets, one action, aluminum alloy receiver, Lightning stock styling. Raised cheek rest, semi-beavertail forearm with finger grooves, gloss walnut, gold accented blued steel engraved receiver, ported barrels, HiViz Pro-Comp sight.