Why do they hang dogs in Spain?

Why do they hang dogs in Spain?

The galgos are used by hunters (galgueros) to hunt hares. The dogs live their lives in atrocious circumstances cramped together in dirty tiny sheds without daylight and possibility to move, ill and on the brink of starvation, deprived of human care and affection.

Do they break dogs legs in Spain?

Galgos have been thrown down wells, cast into rivers to drown, burned to death, and doused with acid. Some are left in forests, their legs intentionally broken so they can’t find their way home.

What happens to greyhounds in Spain?

Campaigners such as SOS Galgos and Galgos del Sur estimate that 150,000 animals are abandoned in Spain each year, one-third of them greyhounds. Some greyhounds are drowned by their owners or hung. Hundreds of abandoned greyhounds end up in municipal kennels, where many are euthanized.

What do galgos hunt in Spain?

Galgos are widely used by hunters in the rural areas of Spain for both hunting and hare coursing with betting. They are considered disposable and when the short hunting season ends each year, tens of thousands are abandoned or brutally killed by their owners to whom they are no longer of use.

Do hunters kill their dogs?

Hunters reportedly abandon the dogs—who are often injured and malnourished—and leave them to die by dumping them on busy roads, throwing them down wells, tying them to railway lines, and using other savage methods. Rescuers say dogs who don’t perform are often disposed of so that hunters don’t have to feed them.

Are galgos good pets?

Although the breed has been designed for hunting and running, Galgos make excellent pets as at home as they love to be calm.

Are Galgos good pets?

Why are galgos tortured?

The galgos are greyhounds used for hunting, but most are used for only one season and then discarded. If they hunt poorly, they are tortured as retribution for the shame they reflected upon their owners. Before the dogs are used to hunt, they are starved to make them hungry for the prey.

Why do hunters abandon their dogs?

Can you treat a hunting dog as a pet?

No matter what kind of game you hunt today, you can find a breed of dog that is perfectly suited to the task. Traditional hunting breeds can also make great family dogs, because they tend to be intelligent, sociable, and loyal. But they were not bred to be couch potatoes, so make sure these dogs get plenty of exercise!

Are galgos lazy?

Galgos, in spite of what people think, are extremely lazy dogs, they like to sleep and to sleep and to return to sleep. Since they are puppies the galgos are accustomed to live with many other animals in small places, reason why they are very sociable with other dogs.

Are galgos aggressive?

In fact, they’re not really viewed as a companion at all. Similar to pit bull type dogs here in the US, Galgos are unfairly judged to be vicious and aggressive.

How are the Galgos used for hunting in Spain?

They are bred carelessly and used for hunting by galgueros (galgo handlers). At the end of the hunting season in Spain, the galgos deemed worthless or too costly to maintain are destroyed in a variety of inhumane ways — including being hanged, dumped into abandoned wells, shot, and even burned to death.

Why are Spanish Galgo dogs left to die by the hundreds?

They’re used for hunting and then simply thrown away. This is the story of the Spanish galgo, the dogs that are killed at a rate of 100,000 or more per year once their masters are done with them. In recent years, however, the world has finally started to take notice.

How are the hunting dogs killed in Spain?

The dogs are extremely emaciated and they also get bedsores.when they are forced to lie directly on the hard surface. The Galgos are brutally murdered at the end of hunting season in Spain – Thousands of them are abandoned and starve to death, thrown down wells, gets beaten to death, used as shooting practice, poisoned]

How many Galgos are destroyed in Spain each year?

If this is true, then the galgos of Spain have been viciously betrayed. There is a very cruel custom amongst some Spanish hunters, or “galgueros,” that destroys more than 50,000 galgos every year. The galgos are greyhounds used for hunting, but most are used for only one season and then discarded.