Are slim desktops good?

Are slim desktops good?

When Money and Space Are Tight The HP Slim Desktop is a capable budget PC that can serve pretty much any secondary computing need around the house. A compact, lightweight chassis that’s easy on the eyes means it can be placed practically anywhere, and a small AC adapter increases its versatility even more.

Is HP Pavilion desktop a good computer?

The HP Pavilion gaming desktop is a great choice for those looking to try out PC gaming. It has numerous features that give it capability beyond other mid-range gaming PCs for its price point. This includes the quality of the components as well as the level of customizability.

What is better HP Pavilion or envy desktop?

The display sizes are different, and the Envy is bigger. But this one comes down to your preference. The Envy has a better processor, battery and a much better graphics card. However, the Pavilion comes at a lower price than the Envy.

What type of computer is HP?

HP Pavilion

Developer Hewlett-Packard (HP Inc.)
Type Laptop, desktop computer
Release date 1995
Operating system Windows
CPU AMD APU, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7

What kind of computer is the HP Slimline?

The HP Pavilion Slimline is a line of desktop computers produced by Hewlett-Packard. As the name implies, the Slimline features a small and slimmed-down design that wont take up a lot of room on your desk or in your computer area. Like many other Pavilion desktops, it is designed as an entry-level or mid-range PC.

What can you do with a HP desktop computer?

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Why do I need a desktop computer instead of a laptop?

Desktop computers can typically store more data than laptops can, also because they’re larger in size. You might prefer having a desktop PC if you have lots of data you need to store, like: A large number of PC games; Years’ worth of photos and videos; Old business documents and records; Backups of other hard drives