Can you shoot slugs through a ported barrel?

Can you shoot slugs through a ported barrel?

The vents (ports) have nothing to do with it. The barrel is over sized and not made for slugs. That being the case, shooting slugs can damage the barrel since it could catch on the ports. There are many slug guns with ports on them.

Will a 12 gauge slug go through a vest?

12 gauge slugs unrifled slugs may or may not penetrate the vest, but can still kill you. Rifled slugs will go right through. unless you are wearing ceramic, Kevlar, or dragon skin if you have the standard vest and you are wearing steel if you get hit with a shotgun or a bullet your dead.

Can you shoot a slug out of a shotgun barrel?

As a general rule of thumb, and we all know there are exceptions to the rule, you can shoot a slug out of a shotgun barrel that has a choke if you are using a modified choke or larger. So, as a general rule, you can shoot a choke through a cylinder choke (or one that matches the bore of your shotgun… so it’s…

Do you need a choke for a slug barrel?

If you have a screw in choke, just get a cylinder choke. But, a rifled barrel & sabot slugs are better if you can afford it. It depends on the barrel, the choke, and if you’re a gambling man.

Which is better a rifled slug or a smooth bore slug?

Because the barrel is rifled, the projectile does not need to be rifled. A rifled slug is what you want to shoot out a smooth bore barrel. Because the barrel is smooth, the projectile will not rotate appropriately unless it has rifling on it. What happens if I mix them up?

Why does my gun explode when I shoot sabot slugs?

Your gun won’t explode if you end up shooting sabot slugs out of a smooth bore barrel or, vice versa, if you shoot rifled slugs out of a rifled barrel. It just won’t be accurate. Your groupings will be all over the place because if you use the wrong type of slug, it could end up just tumbling end over end because it doesn’t have the proper spin.