How much does it cost to install choke tubes?

How much does it cost to install choke tubes?

We can install choke tubes in 12 ga., 20 ga., and 10 ga. shotguns.

Single Barrel Flush Mount Installation (12 and 20 GA) Includes three flush mounted chokes and 2 wrenches $150.00
Chrome Lined Bore Extra Charge (each Barrel) $15.00
Additional Chokes (price each) $19.95 (flush) $40.00 (extended)

How much does it cost to drill and tap a shotgun?

Drill and taps in general are 40-60 bucks. However, you first need to determine that there is nothing specific that would prevent your gun from having a “standard” job done on it.

How much does it cost to thread a shotgun?

Registered. Depending on what you want it can run any where from $100.00 to over $500.00 but if it’s a gun of any value I would send it to Briley MFG.

What is a choke tube wrench?

The pocket size Fini Universal Choke Wrench is a 6-in-1 shotgun tool that makes it a snap to quickly and easily change or remove your shotgun choke tube. torque for breaking loose stubborn chokes.

What is a WinChoke barrel?

When a shotgun is fired, a column of round shot pellets leaves the barrel and spreads out into a “pattern.” As the pellets travel farther from the firearm’s muzzle, the pattern widens. Winchester introduced the WinChoke on its Model 1200 and Model 1400 shotguns.

How to thread a choke on a shotgun barrel?

There are four steps in the process for threading a shotgun barrel for choke tubes: 1 Measure the barrel to see if there is enough metal for threading. 2 Fit the bushing to the inside of the barrel. 3 Ream the inside of the barrel to ensure it is uniform. This also removes any existing choke. 4 Tap the barrel for the appropriate choke tube.

How much choke do you need for a 12 gauge shotgun?

Nigel Teague, a man who has experimented more with shotgun choke than perhaps anyone else in Britain today, advocates 7⁄8ths of choke – about 35 thou – in both barrels for the really tall stuff. This concurs with my high-bird experience where I have found three-quarters and three-quarters works well in a 12, better than full and full.

How long does it take to install choke system on shotgun?

I can install a choke system in your present shotgun, and with 3 or 4 tubes you can adapt to any situation that should arise, and you won’t have to lug around all those extra barrels. The turnaround time for installation in my shop is usually 1 to 3 days. All work is performed with precision tooling on a lathe.

When was the first choke given to a shotgun?

The advent of choked barrels ushered in a new age in shotgunning. The first patent for a shotgun choke was granted in 1866, but it wasn’t until 1969, more than a century later, that Winchester introduced the WinChoke on its Model 1200 and Model 1400 shotguns.