How much is a Magnum 357 worth?

How much is a Magnum 357 worth?

A 357 MAGNUM pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,102.69 new and $966.98 used . The 12 month average price is $1,097.12 new and $1,011.85 used.

What is a used 357 Magnum worth?

The used value of a SMITH WESSON MODEL 357 pistol has fallen ($22.07) dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $869.00 . The demand of new SMITH WESSON MODEL 357 pistol’s has risen 30 units over the past 12 months.

What is a Smith and Wesson Model 29 2 worth?

What is a SMITH WESSON 29 2 pistol Worth? A SMITH WESSON 29 2 pistol is currently worth an average price of $2,470.72 new and $1,547.00 used .

Can a 357 Magnum kill a bear?

357 Magnum or other similar-caliber load, a well-placed shot with a good bullet will certainly kill a bear, but it’s not recommended.

Is a .357 Magnum stronger than a 44 Magnum?

As for bullet energy, the 357 comes out at 566 ft-lbs while the 44 creates 832 & 904 ft-lbs. This indicates what we already knew: The 44 magnum is much more powerful than the 357 magnum. Despite firing its bullet faster, the 357 simply cannot compete with the 44 in terms of energy.

Will a 357 Magnum kill a bear?

What gun did Dirty Harry use?

Smith & Wesson Model 29
In the 1971 movie Dirty Harry, actor Clint Eastwood introduced the world to the double-action Smith & Wesson Model 29 . 44-cal. Magnum revolver—”the most powerful handgun in the world.”

What is the difference between S&W Model 29 vs 629?

The differences are simple The model 29 has either a blued or nickel finish, and the 629 is made of stainless steel. Advantages for the 629 is reduced opportunity for rust issues.

What has more power 357 or 45?

Both are powerful, but are different types of power. The . 357 is smaller and lighter bullet making a large temporary cavity through higher velocity, but the . 45 makes a bigger hole and has more mass.

What Animals Can you kill with a 357 Magnum?

357 was regarded as the ultimate in handgun hunting cartridges by many nimrods. It was effectively employed for taking elk, moose, deer, antelope, giant Kodiak brown bears and even some African game animals.

What has more power 45 or 357?

The fact remains that the 357 is more powerful than 45ACP. It is a more capable field cartridge when dealing with animals and is most certainly more capable than 45ACP. There is a reason why almost all police carried 357’s over 45 revolvers.

What’s more powerful a 357 or a 45?

How much does a Smith and Wesson 357 Magnum cost?

357 Mag. SMITH & WESSON MODEL 66 STAINLESS ENGRAVED 357 MAGNUM 4 inch ” barrel PRICE: $1,850.00 MANUFACTURER: Smith & Wesson

What kind of Revolver is a 357 Magnum?


Which is the rarest 357 Magnum in the world?

COLT PYTHON 357 MAGNUM, “RARE 3” BARREL” COMES WITH 2 SETS OF GRIPS, 99% COND. NEW THIS WEEK! NEW THIS WEEK! Colt Python 4″ Barrel. Mfg. 1981 This is a used revolver in Excellent condition. Has been fired but well cared for. The only marks on the finish are from being carried in a holster. Picutues show …Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK!

When was the colt.357 Magnum model 27-2 made?

Built in 1969 on the three screw N-frame this S Prefix Model 27-2 is equipped with a 5” barrel, original bright blue finish and the numbers matching checkered walnut diamond magna grips. A fanta …Click for more info 1969 Colt Python Nickel 4″bbl Ex++ in original box with all the paperwork.