Is turkey hunting better in spring or fall?

Is turkey hunting better in spring or fall?

This might seem like a stretch, but the reality of turkey hunting is that the more you understand the communications and habits of individual birds and flocks, the better you’ll be during the spring. …

When should you start calling turkeys?

When To Call A Gobbler In my view, the best times of the day are right off the roost, then again from about 8:30 to 9:30 when more hens start to leave the gobbler to go lay an egg, and again from about 11 until noon.

Can you call too much turkey hunting?

America’s Myth: Birds become call-shy due to overcalling “Turkeys don’t become shy because they hear a natural sound in the woods,” said Eye. “Overcalling is a turkey hunter’s excuse. When they don’t find success, they blame it on calling too much.” Turkeys will tell you how to hunt them.

How long before sunrise do turkeys gobble?

Short answer, usually about 45-30 minutes before sunrise… I prefer to stay away from locator calls and listen, if they are gobbling, move silently to within 100-125 yards from them and set up…

What’s the best way to hunt a Turkey?

Hunting turkey can be really exciting especially if it’s your first time. These large, tasty birds tend to be tough, yet extremely engaging – the perfect recipe for a wild hunt. Generally, turkey hunters live for the confrontations ensuing in the final 50 yards.

When is the best time to harvest turkeys?

Best month’s seem to be late oct, thru jan also possibly feb but depends on when cricket nos start to climb. Then may june but after that they start getting a bit scrawny. Crickets which the seem to love make them stink and taste rancid.

When to set up for spring turkey hunting?

You can set up near the roost before dawn, and either tree-call or wait for them to fly down. Out west for Merriam’s and Rios, if you don’t get them on the roost, you had better get your walking shoes on, and hustle to get ahead of them, because those birds can move a long distance from the roost to where they want to be—they just travel a lot.

Who is the best turkey hunter for spring turkeys?

When it comes to spring turkeys, Steve Hickoff is one of the undisputed gurus. Hickoff, 57, is Realtree’s Turkey Hunting …