What were the advantages of grenades?

What were the advantages of grenades?

In World War I, hand grenades were also known as “hand bombs.” The general philosophy for their use in the fighting armies was that grenades could kill the enemy underground or behind cover. They could also force the enemy into the open, providing targets for rifle and machine gun fire.

Do grenades do damage?

Grenades do not do friendly fire damage but do damage you. Grenades only come in one rarity. The damage a grenade does depends on its distance to the enemy. Enemies will see a big red circle around the grenade when you throw it, this is for seeing the grenade as it’s small.

What is the most dangerous type of grenade?

The M67 grenade has a spheroidal steel body that contains 6.5 oz (180 g) of composition B explosive. It uses the M213 pyrotechnic delay fuze.

Who invented grenades?

According to the Enciclopedia Italiana of 1929-37 (pro- duced under the supervision of Mussolini, who had been severely wounded by a grenade during a training exer- cise while serving on the Italian front in 1917) the hand grenade was invented by a Piedmontese, Giovanni Faci di Barge, and used at the siege of Cuneo in …

What are the consequences of throwing a grenade?

The consequences of grenades are things such as being able to aim and throw them correctly. Additionally, grenadiers have to be sneaky, quick on their feet and easily able to prowl up on the enemies. What is a modern day example of your weapon?

What was the effect of grenades in WW1?

Grenades made it easy for the grenadiers to wipe out groups from ranged distances. The consequences of grenades are things such as being able to aim and throw them correctly.

How are hand grenades used in the military?

Hand grenades, the weapon that can be used for both offense and defense. Detonation of this weapon can be accomplished several ways, through impact, or a time fuse. A time fuse is activated either by hitting the grenade against a hard object, or pulling a cord.

How are concussion grenades used in the Navy?

Concussion grenades are now used offensively and it can also be used to create a deadly shock wave under water to kill enemy divers and frogmen. The Navy uses the Mk3a2 grenade (a version of the concussion grenade) to kill enemy divers that plan on attaching bombs to the hulls of ships in ocean combat currently, as of December 2014.