When did the Marlin Model 336C come out?

When did the Marlin Model 336C come out?

Pistol-grip stock and semi-beavertail forearm are American walnut. Has been manufactured since 1984. The 1983 model was known as 336C. Had no hammer-block safety.

Is the Marlin 336 in.35 Remington in good condition?

Just used a little bit of Old English scratch cover oil on the wood firniture and it came out nicely, stock has a mild fiddleback in it. Oiled the metal and wiped it off, the gun didn’t really need much, it is really in great condition.

How much does a 35 Remington chamber cost?

[ Re: wink_man ] #14387357 12/19/19 From the picture it looks pretty clean , can’t see rust on other side. If rust is minimal I would say $450-$550 depending on part of the country. The 35 remington chamber does demand more money. I paid $550 for a clean 35 SC model made in 1955 a few years ago and felt price was fair.

When did the.35 Remington cartridge come out?

In 1952, .35 Remington cartridge was added. In 1963, .32 Special was discontinued. This variation was discontinued in 1983. Similar to 336C, with 24″ barrel and steel fore-end tip instead of a barrel band. Magazine tube is two-thirds-length and holds 6 shots.

What is the manufacture date of a Marlin?

I got an email back from Marlin about my 336 manufacturing date. The guy said there is no chart he could send me but he did say the serial number: MR22xxxC signifies a manufacture date in 2012. No other information was given.

What is the serial number on a Marlin 39A?

All model 336’s, and all other models of centerfire lever action rifles produced by Marlin, as well as lever action rimfire rifles (39, 39A, etc) made by them will have serial numbers. Marlin made various Limited Edition / House Brand guns. Some of which do not line up with this serial number – date of manufacture convention.

Is there a serial number on a remlin Marlin?

It is unknown as of December 2013 how Marlin (”Remlin”) will continue with their serial numbering convention. It is important to note that some “budget” Marlin Rimfire rifles that were manufactured prior to 1968 did not have a serial number. Many of these had letter “codes” on them that will help ID date of manufacture.