Who used the Howdah pistol?

Who used the Howdah pistol?

The howdah pistol was a large-calibre handgun, often with two or four barrels, used in Africa and India from the beginning of the nineteenth century, and into the early twentieth century, during the British Empire era.

Was the DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN used in the Civil War?

Double-barreled 16 gauge percussion lock shotgun. The gun was used during the Civil War by a member of a Wisconsin Infantry Regiment. The shotgun has a straight walnut stock, engraved iron mountings and a wooden ramrod with an unidentified rifle cartridge as its tip.

Are howdah pistols legal?

The Pedersoli Howdah . 45/. 410 is a pistol with just such an alternative design. This breech-loading handgun has the look of the sawed-off shotgun, but is completely legal to own.

When did the smallbore hammer shotgun come out?

A high quality smallbore hammergun with Deeley forearm la …Click for more info “Manufactured in London approximately in the late 1860’s to early 1870’s. Side lever opener with side lock. The Damascus barrels are approximately 32″”. Top rib is marked W.M. Moore &a …Click for more info

Where was the English 12 gauge shotgun made?

Fredrick T. Baker English SLE 12ga 12 gauge SxS 28” barrels choked Improved Cylinder in the right barrel and Modified in the left barrel. This was manufactured in London, England in the early 18 …Click for more info This J.P. Clabrough & Bros. 12 gauge Side Lock was most likely manufactured between 1887 and 1896 in England.

How big is the barrel of a London shotgun?

A very well done between the wars London 2in 12ga. 5 lb 1oz ejector 12ga guns with 27in barrels don’t come around every day. No issues .

What kind of shotguns were made before 1899?

Antique Shotguns (Pre-1899): Belgian Shotguns, Side by Side Shotguns Our inventory of antique shotguns is made up of shotguns manufactured before 1899, including English, French, and Belgian shotguns. Side by side shotguns of this era are highly collectable and our inventory changes frequently.