Can you put a scope on a Marlin?

Can you put a scope on a Marlin?

You don’t need a base it is machined into the top of the receiver, and you can’t just use any scope rings, you do need to buy rim-fire rings.

Can you put a scope on a Marlin 336?

A fixed power scope has always been a good choice for a Marlin 336 lever gun as they are simple to operate, very light, and very compact. The Leupold FX-3 6×42 is a fixed 6X power scope that is built on a 1-inch tube.

What kind of rail does a Marlin 60 have?

The grooved rail on the Marlin Model 60 is a Weaver-style rail that is 3/8” wide. This rail will accept any set of scope rings made or marked to fit a: Weaver rail. 3/8” rail.

What size rail is on a Marlin Model 60?

3/8″ is the standard for rimfires.

What kind of scope do I need for a Marlin rifle?

Made in a variety of calibers, stock and magazine configurations and finish options, the Marlin 336 is a rifle found almost anywhere you might look. Because of itis fame and popularity, the Marlin 336 is quite commonly scoped. Most commonly used for hunting, the Marlin 336 benefits from the addition of even the most basic scope.

Is there a compact scope for the Marlin 336?

As the Marlin 336 is a classic carbine sized rifle, a compact rifle scope is right at home on top of it, and will preserve the crisp, clean lines the Marlin is known for. Simmons gets a lot of bad rap from gear junkies who buy optics based on a name, and what the trendy gun magazines are promoting that week.

What kind of deer can a Marlin 336 shoot?

The Marlin 336 is a trusted hunting rifle used to harvest countless deer, elk, black bear, and it is said, is even popular among the crack shots of the Eskimo for hunting polar bear.

Which is the best scope for a brush gun?

Featuring 2-7x magnification, a wide 32mm objective lens, fully coated optics, nitrogen purged and O ring sealed for fog and waterproofing, and a quick focus eyepiece, this is a scope you could take anywhere. Its compact size ( see full specs) makes it ideal for brush guns or for hunters who are seeking weight and size reduction on their optics.