Can you shoot a slug without a choke?

Can you shoot a slug without a choke?

You should not shoot slugs—or any other shot—through your barrel without a choke in place, since there is a very real possibility that you will damage the threading. I assume that you’ll be shooting a Foster-style slug—one that has rifling. The conventional wisdom has long been that these slugs perform best with an Improved Cylinder choke.

Can you use a slug in a 10 gauge shotgun?

If it is then a slug of any sort should not be used with it, you may damage the barrel by using slugs. A back-bored barrel has had its internal diameter from the forcing cone to the choke bored to a larger diameter, usually 10-gauge in a 12-gauge shotgun, to provide a manufacturer claimed better shot pattern.

What does a choke do on a shotgun?

Chokes are tube-like tools used to control how fast a shot spreads after it leaves the barrel. They do this by minimizing the size of the barrel in the last few inches. Shotguns can come with a fixed choke or a screw-in choke depending upon the make and model.

Can you shoot through a barrel with a choke tube?

Never shoot anything through a threaded bbl. with the choke removed. The lead will get into the threads and make the insertion of a tube virtually impossible. You can have the thread removed by a competent gunsmith. You can have the “lead” removed. Sorry.

When to use cylinder, improved cylinder or rifled choke?

If you want to use slugs and have great accuracy then you’ll use a cylinder, improved cylinder or rifled choke. As for the modified and improved modified chokes for example, they are used for targets 60 to 65 yards away. Those are better for birdshot or buckshot type ammunition.

What do you need to know about shotgun chokes?

1 Choke is a constriction. Many shooters are puzzled with Remington shotgun chokes. 2 Choke tube chart. 3 Blown-Out Shotgun Choke Tube. 4 Shotgun Choke Markings. 5 When to use Modified Choke. 6 Full Choke. 7 Chokes and Slugs. 8 Chokes for Slugs. 9 Purpose of chokes. 10 Interchangable chokes.

When to use cylinder or imroved cylinder in a shotgun?

Chokes tighten the pattern and enable you to shoot on further distances which is useful for trap or hunting. It is recommended to use Cylinder or Imroved Cylinder for home defense. Shotgun chokes used for slugs are usually Cylinder or Imroved Cylinder too. Remember that all chokes are different.

Can a shotgun be used as a choke?

Shotguns have many uses. From sporting clays to home defense has varied purposes. Chokes are used by those wanting either tighter or more spread patterns to their shot. As shotguns are also used for firing singular projectiles, a natural question arises.

Do you need a slug barrel for a shotgun?

If you want to hunt with slugs, the best thing you can do is get a rifled slug barrel. Of course this means you can no longer shoot shot rounds through it, so it its worthless for home defense. If you aren’t going to put a slug barrel on it, it will work but you’re still not helping yourself. Forget the myth that you dont have to aim shotguns.

Which is the best choke for turkey hunting?

The only choke with more constrictions than a full choke is the super-full/extra-full. These types of chokes are very narrow and suitable for turkey hunting.