Can you use dove decoys in Arizona?

Can you use dove decoys in Arizona?

The use of dove decoys placed in visible areas can be effective in luring additional doves within shotgun range. The legal shooting hour begins a half hour before sunrise and extends to sunset for all locations in the state.

Are dove decoys legal?

Answer: There are NO prohibitions on electronic spinning decoys for dove hunting. The prohibitions for electronic vs wind-driven decoys are only for waterfowl from the beginning of the waterfowl season through Nov. 30.

Is it legal to own a dove in Arizona?

The only birds that are not protected in Arizona are rock doves (pigeons), English sparrows, and European starlings. Licenses can be purchased at an Arizona Game and Fish Department Office or one of 300 license dealers in the state.

Do you need a dove stamp in Arizona?

An Arizona migratory bird stamp is not required for the take of Eurasian collared-doves. Legal shooting and hawking hours are one-half hour before sunrise until sunset. The daily bag limit is the number of doves allowed to be harvested in one day.

How long does dove season last in Arizona?

Arizona Dove hunters will be able to double their wing-shooting pleasure now that the state’s “second” season has begun. Unlike the 15-day season that began Sept. 1, the late season lasts 45 days and runs through Jan. 5, 2020.

Where can I go dove hunting in Arizona?

National Wildlife Refuges

  • National Wildlife Refuges in Arizona provide hunting opportunities in designated areas.
  • Kofa NWR (No Dove Hunting)
  • Imperial NWR 928-783-3371.
  • Cibola NWR 928-857-3253.

Why are mourning doves illegal to own?

It is illegal to own a mourning dove as a pet, because they are protected under the Migratory Bird Act.

What kind of exotic pets are legal in Arizona?

Many exotic animals are allowed in Arizona, including:

  • Wolfdogs.
  • Savannah cats.
  • Chinchillas.
  • Pythons.
  • Domestic water buffalo.
  • Domestic American bison.
  • Long-eared and pygmy hedgehogs.
  • Wallabies.

Are Owls illegal to shoot in Arizona?

Laws and Policies Raptors are protected by the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which makes it illegal to kill, trap, possess, trade, sell or harm them.

What kind of doves live in Arizona?

The Mourning Dove is found in all desert habitats throughout the year. The Inca Dove is most often found around human settlements throughout much of the Sonoran Desert region. The Common Ground-Dove is found throughout the year most often in dense brushy desert or in riparian areas.

What is the limit for dove in Arizona?

The Essentials The daily bag limit is 15 total doves (mourning and white-winged), of which no more than 10 can be white-winged. The possession limit is 45 total doves after opening day, of which no more than 30 can be white-winged.