How many people use technology France?

How many people use technology France?

There were 58.03 million internet users in France in January 2020. The number of internet users in France increased by 126 thousand (+0.2%) between 2019 and 2020. Internet penetration in France stood at 89% in January 2020.

Is France High Tech?

Just a few years ago, France was probably not the first country to pop up in the minds of most high-tech investors. According to the latest stats provided by Business France, there are around 10,000 startups in France. It is the European country with the highest number of high-growth tech startups.

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How does technology affect France?

Digital technology currently represents 5.5% of French GDP. According to a recent study from McKinsey firm, France may increase the share represented by digital technology in its GDP by €100 billion by 2020, provided that companies noticeably speed up their digital transformation.

What is the fastest growing city in France?

Toulouse has the fastest growing population of all France’s cities, a census revealed on Tuesday. Toulouse in southern France is a city on the move, at least according to information published by national statistics agency Insee.

What kind of technology is used in France?

France is connected 83% of French people use the Internet compared with the European average of 75% according to the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Research (Insee) in 2012. Mobile internet is on a roll: almost 40% of people were using mobile Internet in 2012 compared to only 10% in 2007.

Is Instagram popular in France?

The percentage of daily users of Instagram increased from 13 percent of respondents to 18 percent between 2018 and 2019, according to an annual survey conducted by Harris Interactive. Although slightly dropping one percentage point, Facebook remains the most daily used social media platform among the French.

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What kind of technology does France have in the world?

Interestingly though, France has been a pioneer in a number of technological advances. They were the third country to have satellites alongside the USA and Russia, but what is interesting that you may not know is where France has actually been the leader when it comes to technology. Today France is the leader in nuclear technology export.

How long has the Internet been available in France?

Internet in France. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Internet in France has been available to the general public since 1994, but widespread Internet use did not take off until the mid-2000s. As of 31 December 2014, France had 26 million Internet broadband and high-speed connections on fixed networks.

Which is the number one device in France?

Smartphones are the number one device in France and are growing fast, with over three quarters of French people said to own one and use it to go online almost daily, a new study shows.

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How many people have a smartphone in France?

Overall, the report shows significant growth in the smartphone sector, internet use, and internet-connected mobile devices in general, with 73% of French people now owning a smartphone, compared to just 28% who had one in 2012.