Is there a rifle shotgun combo?

Is there a rifle shotgun combo?

Many sportsmen and shooters have referred to the Baikal IZH 94 Combination Gun as the “poor man’s drilling.” That might actually be the case. This Russian weapon is offered in many different rifle calibers with a 12-gauge shotgun barrel to boot.

Is the Remington 870 still being made?

Remington has endured some long-standing financial troubles. The more than 200-year-old company entered bankruptcy and was sold off in blocks in 2020. The 870 Wingmaster and Express are both still fine pumps, but with Remington in limbo, there’s an opening for another manufacturer to dominate the pump gun market.

What is a Cape gun?

Cape guns. A cape gun is a side-by-side version of a combination gun, and is typically European in origin. These were at one time popular in southern Africa where a wide variety of game could be encountered. British versions are commonly chambered for the .

Is there such a thing as a combo shotgun / rifle?

No announcement yet. Hope everyone is well, looking into getting a combo rifle/shotgun. I haven’t had luck finding any manufacturers that make a current model and was wondering what everyone’s input was on this style of firearm. Nothing fancy or expensive, 22 hornet-.223/.20 or .12 gauge range. More of a truck gun or all purpose firearm.

What kind of Guns does Remington Arms make?

Remington made shotguns, rifles, and ammunition under several brands. Besides the namesake Remington guns, the company also produced guns, gun parts, and ammunition under brands like Marlin, Bushmaster, and Bushmaster. Why is Remington Arms going out of business?

What’s the weight of a Remington pump shotgun?

Starting with a receiver machined from an 81/2-pound billet of steel might not be the easiest way to build a shotgun, but the end result is well worth the extra effort. No other pump shotgun can match the Model 870’s strength and smooth, effortless operation.

Which is the best Remington pump action rifle?

Remington modern rimfires lead the way in accuracy and reliability, while our classic pump-action and autoloaders deliver timeless lines and precision of the highest level. And our pump-action Model 7600™ provides the fast follow-ups and pointability, should you need another shot at that shot of a lifetime.