What is a Remington 581 worth?

What is a Remington 581 worth?

What is a REMINGTON 581 rifle Worth? A REMINGTON 581 rifle is currently worth an average price of $325.92 used . The 12 month average price is $325.92 used.

What is the most popular Remington rifle?

The Remington Model 870 shotgun is the best-selling gun in Remington history. Introduced in 1950 to replace the Model 31, it has been produced in a vast number of variants and is still in production. Versions have been made for military and law enforcement, as well as for the traditional sporting market.

Does Remington still make the model seven?

The Remington Model 7 is a popular hunting rifle model created by Remington. It was made to be a bolt-action rifle and was made available in various calibers and finishes. Some defined this model as a compact short action model of Remington Model 700. It was revived in 2016 as Remington Model 7 Magnum LS.

What kind of rifle is a 22 cal?

Remington 22 CAL MODEL 12 OCT. BARREL , MARBLES TANG REAR SIGHT – .22 LR Remington Model 12 Shipped mid-1920s – .22 LR BuyItNow! Remington 572BDL Deluxe Fieldmaster – .22 LR BuyItNow!

What kind of ammo does a Remington 552 use?

The CCI Quiet 22 ammunition can be used in any handgun or rifle that is chambered for the 22 Long Rifle cartridge, but in other semi-automatic rifles, it must be cycled manually. The Remington 552 cycles the CCI Quiet ammo flawlessly, as well as any other 22 Short, Long, or Long Rifle ammunition, interchangeably, without adjustment.

Is the Remington 552 Speedmaster worth the price?

The Remington 552 Speedmaster is an excellent 22 rifle, in a class of its own among 22 autoloaders. Really, its only negative to some is its price. The suggested retail price of the 552, as of the date of this review, is $707 US. It is not that the Speedmaster is not worth the price. It is.

What kind of rifle is a Remington Model 514?

Remington model 514 single shot rifle in .22 S, L, LR. This bolt action rifle is in very nice condition for its age. The steel has a nice patina going for it and the wood stock looks great. .22 Short/ …Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK! Rare Remington Model 33 Excellent Bore. 22Cal. Mostly original. Looks as though the bolt has been replaced. …