What is the twist rate on a Remington 788 22-250?

What is the twist rate on a Remington 788 22-250?

Master. This was from another site years ago said 1 in 14 was the twist rate.

Who makes a fast twist 22-250?

Ruger American in 22-250 with fast twist.

Will a Remington 700 stock fit a model 7?

700 and 7 are different, stocks not interchangeable. There are many full size 7 stocks out there, though. Given enough time and money it is possible. The Model 7 action is very similar, but a different length than the 700 action.

What should the twist be on a Remington 788?

If you re barrel I would replace it with a factory contoured barrel of steel and not worry about the weight. The 243 is not known for recoil so that would not be an issue. Barrel twist should be 1 in 9 or 1 in 10 for best all round performance and bullet selection.

What are the twist rates on a Remington Jet rifle?

Twist Rates by Cartridge/Manufacturer Cartridge Twist Rate Manufacturer 22 Remington Jet 1 in 14″ Thompson/Center 22-250 Remington 1 in 10″ MOA 22-250 Remington 1 in 12″ Sako, Savage 110, 112, Thompson/Center R 22-250 Remington 1 in 14″ Browning, Remington 700,788, 40-XB, Sava

When was the Remington 788 243 Win made?

In 1967, when they first stared making the 788 243 Win, until they switched the twist rate in 1969, I believe Remington used the standard 1 in 10″ twist rate, that nearly every manufacturer producing 243 Win at the time used and most still use! With either version factory barrel, your 788 won’t stabilize the 115gr bullets.

What’s the best twist rate for a 22-250?

22-250 Recommended Twist Rates The .22-250 shoots a wide range of bullets very effectively, from 35gr flat-based varmint bullets, to ultra-long 90gr VLDs. However, you’ll need the right twist rate for your choice of bullet. For max velocity and accuracy with the lightest bullets, a 1:14″ twist may be ideal.