What is the value of a 303 Savage, Model 1899?

What is the value of a 303 Savage, Model 1899?

Last patent date june 1 1909. its a model 1899 … read more Value of Savage .303 1899, straight lever, octogan barrel, very good condition, serela # XXXXX the 5000s. Thanks … read more I have an 1895 savage, 303 with saddle ring and letter from savage saying it is an 1895 not 1899.

How much does a Savage Arms rifle cost?

Know what your Savage Arms firearms are worth with this up-to-date 28 -page .PDF download from the Standard Catalog of Firearms. Learn pricing and values for these Savage Arms firearms:

What was the year of the Savage barrel?

I have a Savage 1899 “C” (half octagon 26″ barrel) manufactured in 1899 per serial number 14XXX. Its’ about 75-80%. … read more

What kind of rifle is the Savage 1895?

Savage 1895, Savage 1899, & Savage 99!!!! made by Savage Arms. Savage Rifles are Great! and Savage Hunters. Buy now! Savage 99 rifle.

What kind of rifle did Arthur Savage make?

Photo courtesy of GunsAmerica. Arthur Savage’s famous Model 1899 rifle, promoted as the “First Choice for Big Game,” was a modified version of his Model 1895. The Model 1895 was itself an improved version of the Model 1892 rifle (never produced), which was a joint project of Savage and Colt.

When was the Savage Model 99 magazine discontinued?

The Model 99 was finally discontinued in 1998, by which time the rising cost of labor meant that even the detachable magazine version could no longer be profitably produced. These lever action rifles were introduced when the American lever action was first being challenged by the European bolt action magazine rifle.

What was the caliber of Savage Model 1895?

The Model 1895s were chambered for only one round, the .303 Savage. With the Savage Model 99, the .30-30 was added, plus several other Winchester calibers like the .25-35, .32-40 and .38-55.

What kind of stock does Savage Model 99 use?

Like most lever action rifles, the Model 99 uses a two-piece stock. The buttstock is attached by a draw-bolt, a stronger system than the tang screws used to secure Winchester 94 and Marlin 336 stocks. Due to the Savage’s thicker receiver, there is more wood where the stock meets the receiver.

What kind of sights does a savage 1899a have?

Savage 1899A in 303 Savage. This rifle is in great shape and features a 26” round barrel. The sights are factory. Bore is a little gray but has clear rifling all the way through the bor …Click for more info Good workhorse Model 99 from 1950. The rear sight has been removed to accommodate the use of the Williams peep.

What kind of ammunition does Savage Model 99 use?

The .300 Savage quickly became a best seller. It became the most popular of the cartridges offered in the Model 99 and was also chambered in bolt action rifles from Savage, Winchester and other makers.

What was the lever action on the Savage 99?

(Much later, a similar system was used by Gaston Glock in his autoloading pistols.) The Savage 99 lever action was inherently stronger than its competition and this allowed it to be chambered for high intensity cartridges when they came on the scene.

What kind of cartridge did the Savage Model 99 use?

Being a pointed-tip rimmed cartridge, it worked well in the Model 99 rifles that Savage produced because of their rotary magazine. It wasn’t as successful in other lever-action rifles because of their tubular magazines.

Is the.303 Savage still in production?

The Canadian company continued production of .303 Savage ammunition long after it was dropped by American companies. The .303 Savage, being a rimmed case, headspaces on the rim, which normally prevents such difficulties. A too-thin rim – or a too generous rim portion of the chamber – can lead to problems.

Which is better a.303 Savage or A.30 Winchester?

However, the pointed-tip bullets gave it a ballistic advantage over other traditional lever-action cartridges such as the .30-30 Winchester. The .303 Savage has a small, but loyal fraternity of shooters who reload this cartridge.

What was the price of a savage rifle in 1995?

By 1995, a Winchester 94AE carried an MSRP of $370, a Marlin 336CS carried an MSRP of $416 and a Savage 99C (clip magazine version) carried an MSRP of $629, all with checkered walnut stocks.