Why do we need input and output device?

Why do we need input and output device?

Input/Output devices are required for users to communicate with the computer. In simple terms, input devices bring information INTO the computer and output devices bring information OUT of a computer system.

What is input output protection?

Input/output protection: Input/output is protected by making all input/output instructions privileged. While running in user mode, the CPU cannot execute them; thus, user code, which runs in user mode, cannot execute them.

What is the importance of input?

Today, input devices are important because they are what allows you to interact with and add new information to a computer. For example, if a computer had no input devices, it could run by itself but there would be no way to change its settings, fix errors, or other various user interactions.

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What is the function of output?

Output devices relay the response from the computer in the form of a visual response (monitor), sound (speakers) or media devices (CD or DVD drives). The purpose of these devices is to translate the machine’s response to a usable form for the computer user.

Why are input and output devices important to a computer?

The computer will be of no utilization except if it can speak with the outside world. Input and Output devices are required for clients to speak with the computer. In straight forward terms, input devices carry data into the computer, and output devices bring data out of a computer framework.

How is the input PIN protected in a microcontroller?

With all of this in mind, the first attempt to protect the input pin is found within current limiting. The simplest protection mechanism is a current limiting resistor, as shown in Figure 6. The input resistor is sized so that the voltage drop across it does not affect the voltage at the microcontroller input.

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Why do you need a pull up on an output?

You have it about right; normally you don’t need pullups on outputs, but they can be useful to maintain safety during boot time etc. One other reason for using a pull-up on an output : if several outputs from several MPUs are connected to each other, you really don’t want one driving VCC and another driving 0V on the same wire!

Why is an inrush current limiter circuit important?

An inrush current limiter circuit limits the input current and keeps the source and the host device safer. Because a high inrush current increases the failure chances of the circuit and that needs to be rejected.